13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Internet browsers are something that many of us use every single day; they provide a portal to all the beneficial, wonderful, and super stuff that the internet has to offer. If you want to surf internet like a pro, down below are some steps to follow to enhance your surfing experience.


Given the frequency with which we interact with them, it might be tempting to assume you’re a browser-using master. There are many tips, many hints, and more ways that you could enhance your skills.


Here are 13 cool browser hints that’ll assist you use the browser like a professional:


1. Open Incognito Windows to use two Google Account:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional Open Incognito Windows to use two Google Account:
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N to open an incognito window in chrome or a private window in Safari and Firefox.


2. Use Password Managers:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Password managers like LastPass and Mitro are top methods to save your time and frustration. Password managers work as a plug-in for Chrome or Firefox.

To use them, simply sign in to a website like Facebook or Gmail and the manager will ask you if you want to keep that password for future use.

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3. Use Search Function Site:

Have you ever been browsing deep into a internet site at work and found something thrilling which you want to share? Then later, you go back to that site and cannot discover the way you took to get access to the page.

Use the search operator, web site: website.com, in Google search to have Google search simply that website. You can add a key-word after the operator to narrow down the pages on that website. As an instance, the search query, site:Intellectualsinsider.com”tips to surf should return this web page.


4. Use Adblock to filter out the advertising:

Download this plugin adblock to filter those advertisements. This will help to surf internet very easily with no advertisements.



5. Open Hyperlink in a new tab:

Want a hyperlink to open in a new tab. Hold Command on a Mac or Control on a computer as you click to have it open in a new tab. You may additionally configure the scrolling wheel on your mouse to do the same feature on click on. This will help to surf internet in a better way.



6. Restore a closed Tab:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional Restore a Tab
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

We’ve all closed a tab accidently. It’s annoying, especially if you’d gone down an Internet-sized rabbit hole and weren’t sure on what web site you have been on.

In the past, you’d need to navigate to your browser’s history and reload it from there, even though most browsers at least now provide a “Recently Closed Tabs” list.

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7. Clean the Cache:

“Cache” can refer to many things in computing, but in internet terms, it applies to the temporary storage of web pages and images, it allows lower the bandwidth utilization, server load, and lagging. Sites may be loaded from the cache so long as certain conditions are met.

Sometime a cache can get corrupted. If that is the case, you may easily delete the cache and the proper version of the page by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R.


8. Load Dead Web Pages:

you would possibly find that certainly one of your favorite websites has gone offline. This can happen for any number of reasons – possibly the domain was no longer renewed or the company went into administration.

If this occurs to you, try pasting the link into archive.org. They often have old cached versions of websites to be had.


9. Highlight the URL:

Using keyboard shortcuts can often be quicker than the usage of a mouse. All of us know the instructions for cut, copy, and paste, but this is another awesome one to feature to your repertoire.

Press Ctrl + L to automatically pick and highlight the current website’s URL. It’s absolutely useful for fast sharing hyperlinks or copying them into a new tab.



10. Convert Text into a Web Address:

If you want to surf internet in a better way and if you enter plain text into your browser’s search box and hit enter, you’ll be presented with a list of search results from your search provider of choice.

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If you recognize the URL of the web page you want to visit, you could save yourself a few keystrokes by of hitting Ctrl + Enter, it’ll wrap your entered text with a www. and a .com.


11. Cycle between Tabs:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professionaltabs in browser
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Alt + tab is one of the most common keyboard shortcuts on Windows, it’s going to allow you to flick among the various applications that are presently open. This will help to surf internet in a comfortable way.

Did you know that browsers have a similar feature for cycling between your open tabs? Ctrl+ Tab will move you one tab to the right, even as Ctrl+ Shift + Tab will move you one tab to the left.

On chrome and Firefox, you can also use Ctrl+ 1-8 to jump immediately to a tab, with the number used corresponding to the order of tabs on the top of your screen.


12. Reverse Image Search:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional Reverse Image Search
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Perhaps you’ve got a cool picture somewhere on your computer, however you can’t memorize where you got it from.

If so, try out Google’s Reverse Image Search. Head to images.google.com and either click the camera icon inside the search bar or drag and drop an image from your PC.


13. Turn Browser into a Notepad:

13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional Turn Browser into a Notepad
13 Tips to Surf Internet like a Professional

Save this code as a bookmark and also you’ll be able to use your browser’s window as a notepad

facts:textual content/html, <html contenteditable>

Be aware,  you can’t save your notes, so don’t accidentally close the window before you’ve copied your text content to a more secure place.

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