5 Best Android Apps for your Phone

There are lots of android apps in the google play store that you are not familiar with. You have turned on your phone and open the play store and download your favourite apps like twitter, facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and etc. All these apps are great but now its time know about some other apps.


Here are 5 best android apps which are very helpful you have missed:


1. Pocket Casts:

5 Best Android Apps for your Phone pocket casts

Pocket Casts is the awesome podcast app for Android, and for good reason. It’s properly designed, very easy to use, and it consists of advanced functions — like sped up playback and silence removal — in case you’re into that kind of stuff. The app prices $4, that’s nothing in comparison to the hours you’ll spend listening to podcasts in it.


2. Flamingo:

5 Best Android Apps for your Phone flamingo app

In case you’re a truly twitter user, the flamingo is the app for you. the huge deal here is that it’s awesome customizable. for one, you could personalize the colour of each most important detail of the app and create your own themes. On a greater useful note, you could personalize the feeds you’re able to swipe through on the home screen. The app additionally has a built-in “read later” function and muting system for keywords and users. There’s a ton greater flexibility than that, and it cost only $2.



3. Pushbullet:5 Best Android Apps for your Phone pushbullet app


one of the great thing about using an iPhone and a Mac is that some of the iPhone’s notifications will display up on your PC, and you could even interact with them from there. there’s not anything like that built into Android, but push bullet can make that happen. Download and install it on your smartphone and then install the desktop client for your PC or Mac, and your phone’s notifications should get send through. Push bullet isn’t fully reliable, however, it really works and the function is just too easy to pass up.

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4. LastPass:

5 Best Android Apps for your Phone lastpass app

This app is very great once you have to get used to it. It makes your account highly secure. Also, this app makes all of it very easy, mainly now that Android Oreo let them automatically fill usernames and passwords into login forms. Remember that you’ll have to start the apps at the desktop, too.


5. Google Fit:

5 Best Android Apps for your Phone google fit

This app is very nice and it provides me everything I want, a quick and simple way to know how much I have walked every day. It helps you to set your goals, and you could set it up as bug you if you don’t reach them. The app additionally helps you to know the way you compare to other people of your location, which is quite neat.

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