Air Pollution : Causes, Effects and Solutions

The pollutants which release into the air that is harmful to human health and environment is referred to as “Air pollution”.

Air pollution occurs when dangerous gasses, smoke, dust pollute the atmosphere and make it difficult for animals, humans, and plants to remain alive as the air become polluted.


Kinds of air pollution:

There are two kinds of air pollution

  1. Visible air pollution
  2. Invisible air pollution

The atmosphere is polluted due to the combination of gasses and the imbalance in the atmosphere is caused by increase or decrease of the percentage of these gases can be harmful to the survival.


Causes of air pollution:

Air Pollution : Causes, Effects and Solutions

There are several causes for air pollution, some of which are listed below.

1. Exhaust from Industries:

Harmful compounds emitting from industries is the major cause of air pollution these compounds include, a large amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds and chemical into the air.


2. Burning fossil fuel:

Burning fossils fuels like coal, natural gas, petroleum and other compounds are also a major cause of air pollution. Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides emitted from the burning of fossil fuel are polluting our environment.


3. Natural Processes:

Natural processes also affect the air such as tornadoes and volcanoes cause a widespread air pollution. The natural erosion of soils and rocks release some of the toxins in the air such as radon.


4. Transportation:

Transportation and vehicles are the common cause of air pollution. The emission of a large amount of carbon dioxide affects the environment and pollute the atmosphere responsible for many diseases.

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5. Reduction in Forest:

Forest plays an important role in maintaining the atmosphere. The reduction in the forest is a major cause of air pollution. These forest sinks the carbon dioxide and saves the environment. But when the forests are destroyed or burned increase the amount of carbon dioxide affects the atmosphere.


6. Agriculture Processes:

We know that the use of insecticides and pesticides in agriculture processes is very common nowadays. They emit harmful chemicals into the air and they also pollute the water. Ammonia used in agricultural products is one of the most dangerous gas in the atmosphere.

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Major effects of air pollution:

Air Pollution : Causes, Effects and Solutions

Air pollution affects the environment in many ways.

1. Global Warming:

One of the major effects of air pollution is global warming. It type of pollution comes from cars, power plants and factories and burning of fossil fuel. It causes damage to our atmosphere and responsible for many diseases.


2. Effect the Wildlife:

Animals also face many dangerous effects of air pollution. The dangerous and harmful chemicals in the air force the animals and other species to change their place. These toxic chemicals also affect the water creature.


3. Acidification:

Dangerous gasses are released into the atmosphere during the burning of fossil fuel. During raining the water droplets combine with pollutants become acidic and falls to the ground as acid rain. It causes damage to animals, human, and plants.


4. Health Problems:

Air pollution is obviously harmful to human health. It causes many diseases related to heart and respiratory problems along with cancer and other issues to the body. Children commonly suffer from asthma and pneumonia.

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5. Ozone layer depletion:

The ozone layer is a layer which protects the living creature from many harmful chemicals and rays such as ultraviolet rays. UV rays affect our skin and eyes and they are harmful to crops. Air pollution affecting the ozone layer due to the presence of chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere making it thinner.

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The solutions for Air pollution:

Air Pollution : Causes, Effects and Solutions

1. Use efficient energy devices

2. Emphasize on clean energy resources

3. Understand the concept of reuse and recycle

4. Clean smokestacks and exhaust pipes

5. Increase awareness through campaign

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