Apple’s Top new iOS 11 features

Apple’s Top new iOS 11 features



Here are the top features of Apple iOS 11:



1. The Apple pay cash card will allow users to pay and acquire peer-to-peer cash transactions in iMessage.


2. Siri may be able to translate into numerous languages, like English, French, Chinese language, German, Spanish and Italian.


3. Siri male and female voice get an update to sound greater natural.


4. Intelligence feature will let Siri make suggestions on what you may find thrilling.


ios 11


5. Users will be capable swipe to get access to the redesigned control center and use 3D touch to expand the options.


6. New live photo features will encompass looped live photos, a bounce feature, and a simulated long exposure.



7. Apple maps may have indoor maps for shopping malls and airports in select location.


8. Maps will also have safety driving feature like speed limits, lane guidance and “do not disturb.”


9. iOS will roll out multiroom audio among iPhones, iPads and a variety of third-party speakers.


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