10 Times the Earth Nearly Ended

10 Times the Earth Nearly Ended

These ten times, the end of the world will almost scare you, even though they, fortunately, left the center of the Earth untouched. In the past and the 21st century, Armageddon was practically an event in real life.

These near-apocalypse – whether owing to mechanical defects, miscommunications, natural calamities, or brushes of cosmic or nuclear catastrophes — devastated practically anyone in earth history.


10). The Carrington Event

  The Carrington Event
Source: Gaia

Were there widely disseminated electricity in 1859, a devastating solar storm that hit the Earth that year would have been? The event was named for Richard Carrington, the British astronomer, who saw this and understood the link between the sun and Earth’s geomagnetic disturbances. The cosmic incident disrupted worldwide telegraph transmissions.

The solar flames had been such that many had assumed it was dawn in nations where it had fallen at night.


9). 1979: Too-real war game

10 Times the Earth Nearly Ended
Source: History.com

On November 9, 1979, a simulated war simulation on a training program initiated by an Air Force commander nearly came true.

In this scenario, 1,000 nuclear missiles were fired at the exact moment by the Soviet Union in America. Unknown to the officer, the software was connected to the mainframe in the control center of the North American Aerospace Defense.

The NORAD computers reported a nuclear assault as the exercise began. Military staff was warned that the country was at war and was prepared to react.

A savvy NORAD officer wanted to learn how the issue is really, phoning radar stations to check if they saw anything.

Nothing on the radar was reported unfriendly. The all-clear notice was given by missile detection satellites


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8). 1968: Seven Minutes to Midnight

1968 Seven Minutes to Midnight
Source: BBC

Things couldn’t always be okay. Officially, Pakistan and India began the war in a matter of years, Israel and Egypt fought six days, and America was firmly rooted in the combat in Vietnam.

Things haven’t looked like the world well. But it only owed almost entirely to China and France that the dark times began. In the years leading up to the clock shift, both nations successfully exploded their nuclear weapons.

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In contrast to the U.S. and Soviet Union, neither participated in signing the Limited Ban Test Treaty. This meant that they were free and clear anywhere they wanted to expose their explosives.

This tightened the Soviet-American relations even more since their seeming powerlessness to oppose them.


7). 1969 & 1972: Twelve Minutes to Midnight

1969 & 1972 Twelve Minutes to Midnight

Following a successful demonstration by France and China to the world that they could join the large pack of nuclear weapons, America and the Soviets have been smashing peace accords for any nation competent to detonate a nuclear weapons device.

Instead, the world’s governments have come together in some form of U.N. and have negotiated a convention declaring subterranean testing the sole all right technique for testing nuclear bombs.

All countries excluding India, Pakistan, and Israel. Later that will be significant.


7). 1974: Nine Minutes to Midnight

1974 Nine Minutes to Midnight

They were smiling Buddha Year 1974. 1974. Remember how India fought Pakistan in the final few parts and then refused to sign the Limited Ban Treaty? Test Ban Treaty? That finally caused some difficulties.

India expanded the Smiling Buddha nuclear bomb successfully in 1974 to demonstrate that they were both able to equalize Pakistan and take the step to destroy all life on Earth. For obvious reasons, this put many people on the verge.

The Americans and Soviets have started utilizing several automatic target vehicles (MIRVs) to make things worse. This was a new kind of nuclear weapon that could hit more accurately with only one rocket on many destinations.

Both sides preferred the other to have such weapons, and discussions on new, limiting nuclear treaties started, as agreements were reached on what they must destroy both sides.


6). Soviet computer malfunction (1983)

Perhaps you couldn’t read this narrative if it isn’t for Stanislav Petrov. The Soviet Union’s nuclear warning system was monitored by Petrov, a lieutenant colonel for the Soviet Air defense forces, on 26 septs. 1983.

Shortly after Midnight, an alarm came out saying that the United States had started five ballistic missiles in the Soviet Union via one of its satellites.

The warning was wrong to Petrov since it suggested that just five rockets were fired; he argued that it was using far stronger forces if the U.S. were to strike. In addition, there were no approaching attacks on the soviet radar.

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5). Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl disaster
Source: World Atlas

In 1986, a nuclear power plant catastrophe in Chernobyl, Ukraine, is still the deadliest nuclear catastrophe ever. An upturn in power damaged one of the power plant’s units during a reactor system test.

The accident and subsequent fire caused the environment to receive vast amounts of radioactive substances. The Soviet Union has sought to undermine the gravity of the tragedy.

If it hadn’t been for the heroism of individuals responding to the catastrophe, many of whom had perished trying to control radioactive waste, there would have been thousands more dead.

The accident in Chernobyl converted Pripyat and Chernobyl become spiritual cities. Soviet Union officials finally shut an 18-mile ring around the plant.


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4). 1981: Four Minutes to Midnight

1981 Four Minutes to Midnight

President Reagan began by pushing the Soviets to discuss with America the notion of further disarming their stockpiles in a rather unusual move.

The chances were astronomical, but Reagan managed to start honest discussions about that proposal with Russia somehow.

As emotions escalated, the clock progressively progressed to utter disaster, but suddenly something insane happened.

The United States just deliberately ran out of protest during the Moscow Olympics the year before, and now Ronald Reagan was their president.

In recent years, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, backed by the United States, and President Reagan began to feel sick of the Cold War as a whole.

He wanted it to stop and thought it could only be achieved in 2 ways: either overcoming Russia with ever-powerful bombs or dramatically reducing the world’s number of weapons. Guess which one would happen most likely.


3). 1989 to 1991: Seventeen Minutes to Midnight

1989 to 1991 Seventeen Minutes to Midnight

The Nuclear Forces Treaty has occurred in the mid-range. The people of the Soviet Union prepared themselves for revolution while the United States and Soviets waved their metaphoric doughnuts on each other.

Countries collapsed, and power moved hands to each other. Gorbachev was indeed expelled at one point, but he returned swiftly.

The Soviet Union crumbled, and there would be no Union soon enough. Gorbachev signed the Treaty before too much control was lost. Both parties had requested that all nuclear and conventional land and cruise missiles be dismantled with a range of fire 500-5 000 km, which was, of course, sound.

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2). The Clock Stopper: The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Clock Stopper The Cuban Missile Crisis
Source: Global Village Space

In this list regarding the Doomsday Clock and the Cold War, you may have noticed a conspicuous omission of the Cuban missile crisis.

Luckily the situation lasted barely two weeks. The reason is that. It wouldn’t have taken time for the working families behind the clock, but it would have been very likely a minute away from Midnight had it altered to reflect the circumstances.

Just 10 seconds away, perhaps. We hope everybody reads that they know the Cuban Missile Crisis, but here’s simply a review if necessary.

First, the U.S. tried (and failed) to rob Cuba’s Fidel Castro Communist leader. Shortly after that, Nikita Khrushchev launched negotiations with Fidel Castro to try to have him put the Soviet ICBMs in Cuba as a deterrence to the U.S. This proposal was accepted by Castro, who was shipping the missiles secretly to Cuba.

Soon the U.S. discovered what was happening and resolved to prohibit any additional supplies into Cuba by quarantining the nation rather than just exploding it. Then there have been some hard conversations behind the scenes, but all have finally been some work.


1). Solar flare (2012)

Solar flare (2012)
Source: Science News

In July 2012, a significant solar flaring took place during the latter-day Carrington Event. But the Earth was not in the line of fire, unlike the 1859 Carrington incident.

But the event was not far adequate to hit the Stereo-A spacecraft and contact Earth’s orbit a week before that. Well, 2012 was the year where Indeed, we are worse off when the first clock appeared in public view than we were a half-century ago.

But this is not all terrible news, as the problem is less global damage and more regional devastation. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, many nations still retain enormous stocks of weapons of mass destruction, but we like to assume that it all works best.

There are plenty of nuclear components out of the country. It has been kept for 65 years, but not once it was at Midnight (believe us, you’d know if that was the case).


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