10 things in tech you must know today

10 things in tech you must know today

Here are some of the important tech news you need to know today:


1. Russia has threatened to block messaging app Telegram, saying the provider was utilized by terrorists to carry out a suicide bombing on the Russian soil. The app is under pressure from the local communications regulator to hand over statistics to its customers.


2. Google was given a kicking even as it became down, with US opponents across various industries like Yelp, Newscorp, and Oracle signing a letter supporting the European’s choice to please the organization. The letter condemned google’s “anticompetitive” conduct.


3. Apple is hiring Siri engineers right in its rival amazon’s outside. The agency is hiring two engineers to its “superior” Siri team in Seattle, in which Amazon headquarter is located.


4. Google Talk, or Gchat, is officially ended. Google has retired its chat carrier in favor of the function-rich Hangouts messaging service.



5. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, and Youtube have formed an alliance to help prevent terrorist and hate speech appearing on their structures. They will collectively work on technical solutions, fund research, and work with governments and civil groups.


6. Apple and alphabet have separately teamed up with two vehicle condo firms, Hertz, and Avis respectively, to help with their self-using automobile efforts. Apple is leasing six Lexus SUVs for its assessments, while Avis will store and carrier alphabet’s fleet of self-driving automobiles.


7. Nintendo is freeing a miniature version of its traditional superb Nintendo console, called the SNES classic. The new system comes with 21 games, consisting of “big name Fox 2”, a recreation which turned into finished in the 1990s however, by no means launched to the general public.

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8. Apple has obtained a German eye-monitoring company known as SensoMotoric, consistent with MacRumors. SensoMotoric develops eye-monitoring hardware and software program for digital and augmented fact, and it seems Apple sold the company via a shell company referred to as vineyard capital employer.


9. Google was hit by a massive €2.4 billion ($2.7 billion) fine by EU regulators for promoting its shopping search service above rivals. Google has 90 days to change its behavior or start paying up to 5% of parent firm Alphabet’s global daily turnover.


10. Apple’s ios 11 is out in public beta and entails a huge update for the iPad. This includes a new report management app and multitasking features.

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