Most Dangerous Hacker Of All Time

Top 5 Most Dangerous Hacker Of All Time

Hackers are around since the dawn of computers, or we can say they are the most dangerous people in the world and they’ve wreaked additional havoc than many people notice.

Law enforcement has yet to catch up with several of their antics. Here is a roundup of the most well-known hackers and what they’ve become infamous for within the hacker community.

Hackers are the ones who are just not the hackers they are billionaires they are the ones who stole the information from one country to another.

They are a useful weapon for any country but also dangerous if they are been hack too. Today we will discuss the world’s most dangerous hackers of all time.




In February 2000, 15-year-old Michael Calce also called “Mafiaboy” discovered a way to take over networks of university computers and used their combined resources to disrupt the number-one search engine at the time: Yahoo.

Within a week, he’d also brought down the Dell, eBay, CNN, and Amazon employing a dedicated denial of service (DDoS) attack that weak company servers and caused websites to crash. Calce’s warning sign was maybe the foremost jarring for investors and net proponents.

The most important web site within the world — valued at over $1 billion — might be so simply sidelined, was any online data actually safe? it is not an exaggeration to say that the event of law-breaking legislation suddenly became a high government priority due to Calce’s hack.

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Robbert Tappan Morris

Robert is known as the creator of the primarily known laptop worm, Morris inherited his information of computers from his father, who was a man of science at Bell Labs and also the NSA.

In 1988, when he was a student at Cornell University, he created the Morris Worm to determine the dimensions of the internet, however, because computers can be infected quite once, every infection caused computers to block even a lot of and it rendered quite vi 000 computers unusable.

Morris was arrested in 1989 as he was seen to possess violated the pc Frud and Abuse Act.

Morris was sentenced to 3 years’ probation, four hundred hours of community service and a fine of $10 050. he’s currently an academic at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the founder of Y Combinator.



Albert Gonzalez started off as the leader of a hacker cluster known as ShadowCrew. In addition to stealing and selling MasterCard numbers, ShadowCrew also made-up fraudulent passports, insurance cards, and birth certificates for fraud crimes.

Albert Gonzalez sealed his thanks to net fame once he collected quite 170 million MasterCard and ATM card numbers over an amount of 2 years.

He then hacked into the databases of TJX companies and region Payment Systems to steal all of their holds on Mastercard numbers in addition.



The United States Department of Justice known as him the “Most wished pc criminal in US history.” Kevin Mitnick’s story is so wild that it had been even the premise for a feature film known as catch.

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Once serving a year in jail for hacking into the Digital Equipment Corporation’s network, he was let out for 3 years of supervised release. however close to the tip of that amount, he fled and went on a two.

5-year hacking spree that involved breaching the national defence warning system and stealing company secrets. Mitnick was eventually caught and guilty with a five-year prison sentence. after fully serving those years, he became an authority and public speaker for pc security. He currently runs Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC.


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Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo was known as the “Destitute Programmer” for his transient way of life. In spite of that, he was prepared to hack into the inside PCs of The NY Times in 2002.

This hack gave Lamo access to personal databases, as well as one that had the personal data of quite 3,000 people who had contributed to the paper’s Op-Ed section. He was sentenced to 2 years of probation and punished nearly $65,000.

Last, Lamo was back within the headlines for turning in Chelsea Manning for leaking classified US Army documents. Lamo had previously hacked into the likes of AOL Time Warner, Comcast, MCI Worldcom, Microsoft, SBC Communications and Yahoo after discovering that these companies had enabled remote access to their internal networks via web proxies, a form of security by obscurity that allowed anyone who knew the proxy’s web address and port range to browse internal shares and other network resources of the affected companies.

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Some of these top hackers aimed to form the world an improved place, others to prove UFO theories. Some wished cash and a few hoped for fame, however, all played a critical role in the evolution of cybersecurity.

Hacker is a person who uses computers to induce illegal access to data. Hacking isn’t against the law unless and until you are doing it for illegal activities. Stealing data and hacking into networks don’t seem to be the only things that hacker does, So you want to be hack then you should because nowadays everything is based online and there is a lot of job being an offer by the government.

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