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Is Nvidia a Must Buy or Not?

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In 2002, after the dot-com bubble had burst and Sun Microsystems was in decline, the company’s co-founder Scott McNealy called out Wall Street analysts for their reliance on the “price to sales” ratio to gauge a stock’s value.

The “price to sales” ratio is an important measure of a company’s value compared to its revenue, and high ratios can be justified if investors believe a company has room to grow, while low ratios typically indicate that investors believe the company is appropriately valued.

Sun Microsystems’ stock was deemed undervalued even when it was trading at more than 10 times its revenue, and ultimately, the business couldn’t sustain this value. Scott McNealy critiqued this and highlighted the ridiculousness of the assumptions made by the analysts.

The current stock market evokes similar sentiment among some investors, with Nvidia, a giant chipmaker and poster child of the exuberance around artificial intelligence, drawing attention.

Nvidia’s stock price recently closed at an unprecedented 27 times its sales. But Nvidia isn’t like the revenue-rich but profitless companies of the late 1990s.

The company is highly profitable, generating over $22 billion in revenue in the final quarter of 2023, signifying a 22 percent increase from the previous quarter and over a 250 percent increase from the prior year.

The company’s growth and profitability have made it a darling among investors, especially given its critical role in artificial intelligence.

The optimism surrounding Nvidia has caused its price-to-sales ratio to rise, leaving experts divided on whether the steep ratio is justified or the result of over-excited investors.

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Many Nvidia enthusiasts believe the company will sustain its growth due to its involvement in artificial intelligence. They expect the company to generate more cash, which will eventually reduce the ratio to reflect a more traditional valuation.

While it’s true that Nvidia’s stock price has increased substantially, the high valuation has left some investors feeling uncertain. Regardless of these uncertainties, Nvidia’s stock price surged another 14 percent on Thursday, adding over $200 billion to its market valuation.

It’s not only Nvidia that has caused concern – other companies like Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, and Broadcom have also seen their stock prices rise significantly due to excitement around artificial intelligence.

In light of geopolitical uncertainty and other market factors, investing in stocks like Nvidia appears off-putting to some investors. When considering the risk and uncertainty, it raises questions about whether the expected return is worth it.

The price-to-earnings ratio also reveals that the S&P 500 is trading at close to 23 times the collective earnings of the companies in the index – a high valuation that hasn’t been seen since significant market events in 2018 and during the dot-com bubble burst.

However, assessing a stock’s value purely based on snapshot metrics might oversimplify its prospects. Amazon, for example, was once trading at a stock price that was over 40 times its sales.

Since then, its stock price has risen an average of 15 percent annually, and today, it’s just three times its sales. Nvidia could potentially follow a similar trajectory and fulfill growth expectations. But it could also face the fate of many computing companies from the 1980s that didn’t last until the new millennium.

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Despite the lingering uncertainty, predicting a company’s future profitability, its competitors, and the world it will exist within is a challenge.

For Nvidia, Wall Street analysts’ expectations range from pessimistically valuing the stock at $400 to optimistically seeing it trade over $1,000.

As a finance professor at New York University asserted, such high expectations are often unrealistic and reflect an overestimation of a big change, common in the financial world.

In essence, while Nvidia may represent an exciting investment opportunity, it’s crucial to approach it with reasonable expectations and a comprehensive understanding of the uncertainties surrounding the stock. Just like with any stock, the future for Nvidia is unpredictable, and its true path will only be revealed in due time.

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The Contribution of Volcanoes to Venus’s Atmospheric Composition


One of the many mysteries surrounding Venus, our closest planetary neighbor, is the origin of its atmosphere. The planet is veiled in thick clouds, making it challenging to study its surface and atmospheric composition. However, scientists have long speculated about the role of volcanoes in shaping Venus and adding to its atmosphere. With approximately 85,000 volcanoes on Venus, the idea of active volcanic activity is a topic of interest and debate among researchers.

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While current missions offer valuable tools for studying Venus’ atmosphere, there are limitations to consider. For instance, an infrasound sensor could directly detect volcanic eruptions, but no missions currently include this technology. Despite these challenges, researchers are optimistic about the new insights these missions could bring to the ongoing debate on Venus’ volcanic activity.

With the earliest mission, DAVINCI, set to launch in approximately five years, scientists have time to refine their hypotheses and theories about Venus. The data collected during these missions could finally provide conclusive evidence regarding the presence of active volcanism on Venus, answering a long-standing question about our neighboring planet.

As researchers eagerly await the results from upcoming missions, the scientific community is hopeful that these endeavors will shed light on the enigmatic nature of Venus and its mysterious atmosphere. By leveraging advanced technologies and innovative approaches, scientists are poised to unravel the secrets of Venus and potentially redefine our understanding of planetary volcanism.

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