Top 10 Cheapest Airlines In The World

This week, main customer aviation score company Skytrax, named AirAsia the best low-cost airline within the global for the ninth consecutive year. Down below is the list of Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world.

the Sepang-primarily based enterprise become presented with the award at a ceremony throughout the 2017 Paris airshow.

The Skytrax rankings are primarily based on the impressions of 19.87 million tourists from 105 one of kind international locations. The survey, which included more than 325 airlines, measured forty-nine parameters ranging from boarding methods to seat consolation to the nice of the provider.

A lot of people around the globe love to travel. However not everybody can afford the luxury of traveling in business class for days on end. For those who wish to travel as inexpensively as possible,

If you’re in the planning stages of your next big trip, you might be wondering where to search for cheap airline tickets. We’ve made a list of the cheapest airlines, with each destinations.


1. Air Asia:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world


For the ninth year in a row, AirAsia has earned the name of global’s great low-value airline. CEO Tony Fernandes and his crew have carried out an astonishing activity over the past 15 years to turn a small, failed, state-owned airline in one a multi-countrywide aviation juggernaut.

AirAsia, one of the globe’s most affordable carriers, was named the world’s finest low-cost airline for the 9th year running in 2018. The Malaysian carrier moved to No. 1 from No. 3 final yr and additionally took No. 1 in enterprise and cabin design in 2018.


2. Norwegian:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world


Norwegian Air is one of the most aggressive and debatable airways in the world. The low-fee service had drawn the ire of its us competition via offering a plan to perform trans-Atlantic flights the usage of an Ireland-based totally subsidiary. The airline’s critics declare that this kind of pass might permit Norwegian to flaunt Norway’s strict labour laws and use eire as a flag of convenience. Norwegian has denied those accusations. regardless, Norwegian CEO bjørn Kjos has gained us government approval to release extremely-low-fee trans-Atlantic flights from smaller airports in the northeastern part of the country.

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Controversy apart, the airline remains liked by its customers. Norwegian has been named quality low-value airline in Europe five years in a row. similarly, the organisation is over again the sector’s high-quality long haul low-price airline.


3. JetBlue Airways:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

On account that its inception in 1998, the big apple-primarily based JetBlue has helped enhance the same old of carrier and facilities for low-cost companies in the US. the airline’s signature temper lighting, friendly service, complimentary satellite tv in conjunction with unfastened meals and snacks make it an enterprise chief economic system flying. in truth, at 34 inches of pitch, JetBlue’s Airbus a320 fleet has the roomiest economic system seats inside the US.



4. EasyJet:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Over the past many years, EasyJet and its no-frills, low-cost method have helped it come to be one of the global’s main finances airways. the airline’s fleet of extra than 230 Airbus jets flies to kind of 800 destinations in Europe.

Reviewers on Skytrax praised the airline for its solid carrier and coffee expenses.


5. Virgin America:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Even though Virgin America is not the first-class low-fee airline in the north the USA, it stays one of all maximum loved providers in the skies. the San Francisco-primarily based boutique carrier gives the style and splendid career expected from a Virgin-branded organisation, but with the competitive costs of a low-cost carrier. in 2016, the organisation changed into bought to Alaska Airways for $2.6 billion. the brand is anticipated to vanish by way of 2019.

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6. Jetstar Airways:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Jetstar Airways is the low-fee subsidiary of Australia’s prime nationwide airline — Qantas. The Melbourne-based airline operates a fleet of Airbus A320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner and in addition to this it launches Jetstar Japan, Jetstar Pacific and Jetstar Hong Kong. Skytrax reviewers praised the airline for its nice cabin amenities and true cost for cash.

Jetstar airlines the low-fee subsidiary of Australia’s countrywide airline — Qantas. the Melbourne-based airline operates a fleet of Airbus a320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Skytrax reviewers praised the airline for its nice cabin carrier and true cost for cash.

for the 6th year in a row, Jetstar has been named excellent low-cost airline in Australia & Pacific.



7. Air Asia X:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world


AirAsia x is the long-haul subsidiary of Malaysia’s low-fee mega airline AirAsia. the airline’s fleet of Airbus a330-three hundred jets are equipped with both premium and financial system cabins and operates in Asia.

In truth, the low-cost airline’s top class carrier garnered AirAsia X with the Skytrax awards for global’s pleasant low-cost airline top class cabin and global’s nice low-cost airline premium seat for a 2nd consecutive year.


8. Azul Brazilian Airlines:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Azul Brazilian Airlines is the modern-day brainchild of JetBlue and Westjet co-founder David Neeleman. the Sao Paolo-based airline operates a fleet of latest Airbus, ATR, and Embraer airliners especially on routes inside Brazil. its Airbus fleet now operates to limited destinations within the US and Europe.



Further to a pinnacle 10 end, Azul also picked up the awards for the nice low-value airline in South the USA and first-class airline team of workers in the south the United States for the second one year in a row.

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9. Southwest Airlines:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Southwest Airlines has a fleet of more than seven hundred Boeing 737 jets in its fleet. Over the past four years, Southwest has earned a reputation for delivering low-fare flights with a smile. More recently, the airline’s free checked bag policy has earned it an extensive reward from the flying public.

With extra than seven-hundred Boeing 737 jets in its fleet, south-west is one of all the biggest airways in the international. over the past four a long time, south-west has earned a popularity for delivering low-fee flights with a grin. more lately, the enterprise’s unfastened checked bag policy has earned it an extensive reward from the flying public.


10. IndiGo:

Top 10 Cheapest airlines in the world

Having been formed in 2006, IndiGo has come a protracted way throughout the past 9 years. The corporate was launched by Rahul Bhatia and Rakesh Gangwal, who introduced in their stunningly powerful promoter father and daughter by means of the “Go” in IndiGo with a particular purpose in mind: to supply good quality low-cost flights to customers at an inexpensive worth – which is still one among the airline’s strategies.

The new Delhi-primarily based airline burst on the scene in 2006 and fast have become one of the high-quality low-cost carriers in Asia. the airline operates a state-of-the-art fleet of greater than one hundred Airbus a320 jets. with greater than 400 Airbus jets on order, indigo is one of the fastest developing airways in the region. reviewers on Skytrax praised the airline for its top-notch cabin provider and appropriate value for money.

For the eighth consecutive year, indigo has been named exceptional low-price airline in imperative Asia / India.

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