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Introducing Billy Ray and Tish’s Five Other Children

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Keeping up with the Cyruses.

On top of being the parents of ex-Disney Channel darling Miley Cyrus, Tish Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus had five more kids before breaking up in 2022.

Tish was a two-time mom when she married the country singer in 1993, while Billy Ray welcomed a son with an ex after their nuptials.

Her parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus, welcomed three children together. WireImage
The former couple also have three other kids from previous relationships. WireImage

The former couple went on to add Miley and two more mini members to their family during their 30-year union.

Following their split, Billy Ray married singer Firerose in October 2023, one month after Tish wed “Prison Break” actor Dominic Purcell.

Page Six is breaking down each of Miley’s siblings — and the Cyrus family drama — below.

Brandi Cyrus

Tish shares Brandi with ex-husband Baxter Neal Helson. brandicyrus/Instagram
She primarily works as a podcaster. Instagram/tracecyrus

Tish was married to Baxter Neal Helson when she welcomed her eldest child, daughter Brandi, in May 1987.

In addition to being an equestrian, Brandi has dabbled in singing, acting, and deejaying over the years.

She co-hosts the podcasts “Your Favorite Thing” and “Sorry We’re Stoned” with Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams and her mom, respectively.

Brandi often raves over her younger sister’s achievements, calling her 2024 collab for Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” an “iconic” release.

Trace Cyrus

Billy Ray adopted Brandi and her brother Trace in 1993. Instagram/tracecyrus
The musician plays guitar for Metro Station. Instagram/tracecyrus

Both Brandi and Trish’s son Trace, who was born in February 1989, were adopted by Billy Ray when he married their mother.

Trace, who believes he’d be “more successful” without his famous family, is best known for playing guitar for the pop-punk band Metro Station, who went viral for their 2007 hit “Shake It.”

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The tatted musician released his own solo EP, “Killing the Pain,” in 2021.

Additionally, Trace has made headlines for his love life due to failed engagements to “Suite Life of Zack & Cody” alum Brenda Song and model Taylor Lauren Sanders.

Christopher Cody Cyrus

Christopher was raised out of the spotlight. Christopher Cody Cyrus/Facebook
His mom is Billy Ray’s ex Kristin Luckey. Christopher Cody Cyrus/Facebook

Billy Ray’s ex-girlfriend Kristin Luckey gave birth to their son, Christopher, in April 1992.

While the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer’s child has remained out of the spotlight, he told The Mirror in May 2009 that his relationship with the rest of the Cyrus clan faded as he got older.

However, he did refer to Miley, who is seven months his senior, as his “goofy sister” who stayed “the same now as she was before all this fame.”

Braison Cyrus

Braison was born in 1994, two years after Miley’s arrival. braisoncyrus/Instagram
The family man has followed his siblings’ musical footsteps. Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Braison joined the family in May 1994 and followed his parents’ musical footsteps with his 2021 debut album, “Javelina.”

The singer is a married man, walking down the aisle with Stella McBride in 2019.

When the couple welcomed son Bear two years later, Braison praised his wife for the “herculean feat of birthing” the baby boy.

Noah Cyrus

Noah is Tish and Billy Ray’s youngest child. FilmMagic
She joined the family in 2000. Instagram/tracecyrus

The youngest member of the Cyrus clan, Noah, was born in January 2000.

After an initial interest in horseback riding and guest roles on “Hannah Montana,” Noah began pursuing a career in the music industry and was nominated for the best new artist Grammy in 2021.

Noah, who was not publicly dating anyone at the time, got engaged to Pinkus two years later and called the fashion designer “selfless” and the “least judgmental” in her June 2023 Instagram reveal.

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Noah is a Grammy-nominated singer.
She got engaged to designer Pinkus in 2023. Getty Images

Prior to their romance, Noah reportedly had a “friends with benefits [situation], off and on” with Purcell before her mom married him, leading the newlyweds to seek couples therapy.

Noah, who notably skipped her mom’s wedding to go to Walmart with Braison, is also believed to be feuding with her sister and made headlines for “liking” one of Miley’s ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s April 2024 thirst traps.

Their ongoing rift heated up the previous year when Miley referred to her sibling as a “depressing … emo kid” whom she “worries” about in an October 2023 “Joe Rogan Experience” interview, leading Noah to clap back at the “disrespect.”

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