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5 Powerful Life Lessons from David and Goliath

5 Powerful Life Lessons from David and Goliath


You may learn five important life lessons from the story of David and Goliath, and they apply to practically any circumstance.

98+ EXCLUSIVE Life Lesson Quotes
98+ EXCLUSIVE Life Lesson Quotes

Children are frequently taught the importance of courage and tenacity through the David and Goliath narrative.

These are the five lessons of life.

1. Be Bigger Than Your Fears

Goliath would confront the Israelites twice day for 40 days, seeking a one-on-one conflict. Every Israelite was as afraid as a lion’s prey who was about to die. They wouldn’t have the courage to take on Goliath. David, however, accepted the challenge as if it were just a kid’s game when he learned of the reward for slaying Goliath.

David had just a staff, sling, and five stones when he faced Goliath, who was armed with armour and a javelin. Not to mention that he was little in comparison to Goliath.

Yet did that prevent him? Ah, I see. Soon after the fight began, he pulled back his sling with the stone attached and swung it straight towards Goliath’s forehead!

killed him as a result. The Israelites were smaller than their anxieties, and David was greater than his worries, so if it had been any of the other people surrounding him, they would have fled and backed down.

But are you?

You’ll wind yourself settling for things that are LESS than your concerns if you’re not. And no matter what circumstance you find yourself in or what choice you have to make, you will be held captive by your anxieties. Get out of your thoughts and start acting right away by considering the facts and the situation logically.

“Action will conquer fear; thinking cannot.” – W. C. Stone

2. Size Doesn’t Matter

You’ll undoubtedly face great hurdles in life as well as minor, medium, and large obstacles. However, the scale of the difficulty, issue, or barrier is irrelevant. Why? Because of it, what is feasible for you is not determined by that.

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You, your thinking, and your convictions are the only ones who can determine what is feasible for you. David wouldn’t have had the fortitude to face Goliath if size had been important to him (as it was to the Israelites). particularly when using only a stick, five stones, and a sling.

David understood that size is irrelevant; what counts are heart, courage, and commitment. The same idea and level of thinking may be used to your life and the difficulties you are now experiencing.

Think bigger than the challenge, be bigger than the obstacle, and act as if it’s impossible for you not to fail. Have self confidence, conviction and believe in yourself MORE than you believe the challenge is too big to handle.

3. Make Use Of What You Already Have

Many people complain about:

  • What they don’t have
  • Why not having what they don’t have is a problem
  • Why they need “that thing” before they can get started
  • Why not having “that thing” is holding them back

But the truth is you have to make USE of what you’ve already got to get what you want. Compared to the armor and the weapons Goliath had, David seemed insignificant. After all he only had a sling, 5 stones and a staff (Even though he turned down armor that was offered to him).

Yet he made use of it and it happen to be more than enough to get the job done. He still defeated Goliath regardless of the comparison in weight, strength, Armory, weapons, etc. David didn’t moan or whine because of the differences like the Israelite’s would have.

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He had a “so what?” attitude and left everyone in shock after defeating Goliath so effortlessly. With nothing but a sling and a stone.

Stop making excuses!

You want to start a business? Improvise and use what you already have. Want to start singing? Record through your phone If you’re not ready for the studio. Want to make YouTube videos? Record videos through your phone instead of complaining about needing expensive equipment.

Want to be a graphic designer? Watch tutorials on YouTube instead of moaning about not having “Photoshop” yet.

4. Believe It’s Possible

The Israelite’s didn’t believe it was possible to defeat Goliath which is why they feared him. If you were to rate their self belief on a scale of 1 – 10, their self belief would have to be less than 5.

But on the other hand, David’s belief would have been at least an 8 or more. That’s why it wasn’t an issue for him to challenge Goliath head on and even take him down. And don’t forget David turned down the offer for armory, which proves he strongly believed it was possible.

Do you believe it’s possible?

Without a strong belief that what you’re pursuing is possible, you’ll fail. You’ll quit on yourself before you even get half way. Think of it like the guy who’s too afraid to approach the girl he likes. How come he won’t approach her? His self belief isn’t strong enough, so he quits on himself without making a move.

If your fears are stronger than your self belief and faith, you’ve shot yourself in the foot without knowing it. Until you believe in yourself more than the fear or the obstacle, you’ll continue to quit on yourself.

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“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis

5. Don’t Underestimate Your Capabilities

It’s always dangerous to underestimate yourself. When you underestimate yourself and your own capabilities, you end up achieving less. Judging how Goliath looks and appears compared to David, you’d think Goliath was the superior one.

However, the conclusion of the conflict was very different from what the Israelites had anticipated. David did not undervalue himself or his skills. He exuded a tonne of confidence in himself. He knew he was more than capable of achieving since he was a brilliant man.

Stop undervaluing your abilities!

Nothing matters. You are far more capable than you think, whether you’re a writer, pianist, plumber, real estate broker, personal trainer, musician, parent, or college student. Just because you haven’t given yourself the chance to, you haven’t yet noticed it.

If anything, you should overestimate since you’ll give and work more than you thought you would, which will lead to greater success and the realisation of your full potential.

It is never a good idea to undervalue somebody. – Jordanian King Abdallah II


In conclusion, the tale of David and Goliath is one of courage, tenacity, and optimism. It tells us that as long as we have faith in ourselves, we can succeed against all circumstances. It is a tale that encourages us to persevere despite how challenging things may appear to be.

Therefore, if you’re feeling down, go back on the David and Goliath narrative and be motivated to stand up for what you believe in.

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