New ‘Brain Training App’ Improves Your Memory

New ‘Brain Training App’ Improves Your Memory

A brain training app developed by British neuroscientists has been shown to improve the memory of patient in the very earliest degrees of dementia and will help such sufferers prevent some signs of cognitive decline. New ‘Brain Training App’ Improves Your Memory.

Researchers who developed the “game show”-like the app and tested its effects on cognition and motivation in a small trial observed that patient who plays the game over a duration of a month had 40 percent improvements in their memory.

“We hope to extend these findings in future studies of healthy aging and mild Alzheimer’s disease,” said George Savulich, who led the study at Cambridge University.



Dementia is a big global health issue. The World Health Organization(WHO) says 47.5 million people had dementia in 2015, and that quantity is growing swiftly as life expectancy increases and societies age.

The circumstance is incurable and there are few medicines that could alleviate the symptoms, which encompass declining memory, thinking, behavior, navigational and spatial abilities and the gradual lack of potential to perform normal tasks.

Publishing his results in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, Savulich said that in addition to enhancing their memory score in the game, patients who played it retained greater complex visual information than those who didn’t.



Independent specialists stated the look at findings had been encouraging, but that the app needed to be tested in opposition to other forms of mental training in trials involving greater people.

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“While this type of brain training will not ultimately be able to prevent or cure memory diseases like dementia, a promising way to improve early memory symptoms of the disease,” said Tara Spires-Jones of the University of Edinburgh.

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