Hackers can use replacement screen to hack your phones

Hackers can use replacement screen to hack your phones

A replacement screen can seriously compromise your mobile phone if this latest research is to be believed.


Researchers of the Bem-Gurion University of Negev shows how a replacement screen can be used as a smoke to override your mobile phone and embed a malicious chip.


The communication system on a Huawei Nexus 6P and LG G Pad 7.0 was manipulated by the team by hacking into keyboard inputs, snap pictures of the user and direct them to phishing websites.



They also carried out a second attack which saw them exploit vulnerabilities in the handset’s OS.


Anti-virus software’s seems to be useless to prevent such type of attacks. This type of low-cost attack isn’t the most advanced in terms of the technological dynamics but certainly are quite effective as the team used an Arduino platform running on an ATmega328 micro-controller module along with an STM32L432 micro-controller to do the job.



The touch screen controller is separated by using a hot air blower from the main assembly boards, in order to access copper pads and a copper wire attaches their chips to the device to take over the phone.


Android smartphones are not the only at risk with the paper suggesting that iPhone could also be vulnerable to such type of attack.


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