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Scott Stapp’s Wife Hillaree Burn’s Personal Life

Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp is a musician and songster- tunesmith best known as the main voice and lyrist for the gemstone band Creed. In addition, he has two single compendiums, The Great Divide in 2005 and Proof of Life in 2013.

Away from his music career, Stapp has been involved in a number of high-profile cases and has been open about his difficulties with dependence and internal health problems.


Stapp married Hillaree Burns in 1997. They married for sixteen months before decoupling in 1998. Stapp and Burns have a son, Jagger. Stapp kept full guardianship of Jagger when the couple disassociated.

Stapp married Miss New York USA 2004 winner and model Jaclyn Nesheiwat on February 11, 2006. They’ve a son and a son together. Jaclyn filed for a divorce in November 2014.

The brace eventually got backing and continued to live together. In November 2017, the couple had their third child, a boy.


Scott Stapp was a member of the band Creed in the history. From his first marriage to Hillaree Burns, he’d two children. Jaclyn Nesheiwat was his woman. On Valentine’s Day 2004, he married Jaclyn, and they disassociated in 2007.

Who’s Jaclyn Nesheiwat?

Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp was born in Carmel on July 29, 1980. Jaclyn is 41 times old as of 2021, and he was born in Carmel. She’s presently abiding in Carmel and working as a model.

She’s American by nation, and her current eating habits are a combination of submissive andnon-vegetarian. She also worships all gods and goddesses and celebrates all carnivals. His pastime is acting. She enjoys performing in flicks and TV series.

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Burns, Hillaree Scott Stapp’sex-wife is Stapp. In 1997, they married. They married for sixteen months before decoupling in 1998. Stapp and Burns have a son, Jagger. Stapp kept full guardianship of Jagger when the couple disassociated.

What happed to Creed’s Scott Stapp?

Scott Stapp considered self-murder in 2003 after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and strapping two MP5s to his head. He latterly stated that he was certain that everyone combined with Creed wanted him dead in order for him to come a “Kurt Cobain fatality- type” and ameliorate reader deals.

Stapp was involved in a brawl with 311 members at the Harbor Court hostel in Baltimore on Thanksgiving night in 2005. According to 311 members, Stapp began the fight. Stapp was detained for alleged drinking on February 12, 2006 (one day after his alternate marriage).

He sued to help the distribution of a coitus tape recording featuring himself, Kid Rock, and four ladies. Stapp revealed to People in 2015 that he’d been diagnosed with bipolar illness following a psychotic break.

He described the opinion as” a great suggestion of relief, since eventually we had an answer” concerning the causes of his internal health problems.

Hillaree Burns I Had No Idea Scott was mentally unstable.

Hillaree Stapp, Scott Stapp’s woman has recently made captions for a different reason. Hillaree is being sued for unlawful termination and sexual importunity by her former particular adjunct.

Hillaree allegedly verbally abused and sexually assaulted the adjunct for nearly two times. likewise, the adjunct alleges that Hillaree stole plutocrat from her bank account without her authorization.

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Eventually, it’s clear that Hillaree Burns is a quiet person who prefers to keep her particular life private. She hasn’t said important about her connection with Scott Stapp or her family.

What we do know about her is that she’s a strong lady who has endured a great deal of particular difficulty in her life. We wish her the stylish of luck in the future.

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