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Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards? (Solution)

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There are numerous theories as to why your phone might be charging in reverse. Some suggest it could be an issue with the cable while others mention that your battery could be aged or even faulty.

However, regardless of the reason behind it being plugged incorrectly – there’s no need for concern! If you notice this behavior persistently then perhaps it is time for an upgrade on your part!

If you observe this peculiar phenomenon, don’t fret as there’s nothing wrong with your handset. Instead, take heart in knowing that Google has recently announced two new features coming soon that will allow users to manage charging settings directly from their Android device.


What is reverse charging?


For those unfamiliar with the term, reverse charging describes using a USB-C cable to provide power either to charge or power down your device.

The following is an example of how reverse charging works: if you plug in your iPhone X into a USB-C charger, it will instantly begin charging – even if it’s fully charged!

What makes this more intriguing is that most older devices may not support reverse charging out of the box. However; as more manufacturers adopt USB Type-C and its plethora of ports for charging and data transfer purposes, both new and retro devices alike can make use of them regardless of their proprietary ports!

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What causes reverse charging?


Researchers have determined that the frequency at which you utilize your phone can impact the rate at which it charges.

Effortlessly plugging in or extracting power from your device could be a new found experience, resulting in an unconventional mains voltage being applied to it. Nothing should cause any concern – all is well!

However, if you discover that your smartphone’s battery isn’t charging properly? Don’t sweat it: there are some solutions available! Discover our selection of complete kits and more accessories available to purchase today!


How to tell if your phone is actually charging backwards?

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In the event that you notice that your phone is charging in a manner contrary to its design – such as with an upside-down adapter being introduced into its port – then it is likely that this could be indicative of a defective charger.

Such circumstances are common occurrences with some models – particularly those from earlier years; however, if the connector pins are misaligned then the power output may become weak or ineffective leading users to perceive their phone as not charging at all!

So why does it matter which way your phone is plugged in? For starters, when devices are charged with an incorrect orientation for their ports of connection, there can be potential issues arising such as overheating or even short-circuiting.

However, on occasion even if your device is charging correctly you can still witness a situation wherein it appears as though it isn’t being activated. In such cases, simply removing the device and plugging it back in will rectify the issue; thus providing reassurance that nothing has gone wrong.

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Are you perplexed by how your phone charges? Don’t fret: simply check if its charger’s prongs are aligned properly before using any adapters.


Should I worry about my phone charging backwards?

two phones on white table

When you’re in a rush, it’s understandable that you may overlook your phone charging. But this shouldn’t be cause for alarm. The device will rapidly return to its original state when the power cable is disconnected – leaving no trace of any malfunctions!

The only worrisome aspect about this phenomenon would be if those extra minutes don’t yield you an itinerary for the day or find you an ideal parking spot. If you experience this conundrum and have noticed your smartphone switching into reverse mode by itself, there simply isn’t anything to worry about!


Troubleshooting when your phone is charging backwards

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A telephone’s battery is designed to be charged in any direction. However, if your phone isn’t charging as quickly as it should during the initial charge-up cycle (usually around 12 hours), consider these potential causes:

Poorly placed clips can impede charging progress. If you’re experiencing problems with charging, try moving some of the devices within reach to ensure that they are all situated comfortably atop their respective charger slots – this step might resolve any issues!

If you discover that your battery needs more time to charge up than usual, don’t rush into resetting your device’s settings for faster charging. Instead, allow time for its internal components to reroute themselves accordingly in order to provide optimum performance.


When to call in the professionals

person repairing smartphones under a lighted table

If you have a device that is exhibiting woes and isn’t functioning at an optimal level, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from cellular professionals. The experts possess the equipment needed to evaluate any problems or anomalies within your device; rectifying any issues can take some time.

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If all else fails, you may want to consider seeking professional assistance if:

The device is displaying symptoms that indicate hardware malfunction or component failure.

The issue cannot be resolved by taking apart your technological marvel.




Unlike the conventional wisdom that suggests that smartphones should be charged in an upright position, I believe that it is preferable to place them on their sides – this will allow for a more thorough charging process and result in a device that is fully juiced.

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