7 ways Social Media affect our health

7 ways Social Media affect our health

The subject is extensive enough to extend into dozens of articles, so this top 7 points only some of marvelous outcomes of research and surveys relating social media. Probabilities are, in case you’re analyzing this you participate in social media in some manner or another, so next time you cross to check your Facebook, retweet a thrilling link, or pick an Instagram filter for a selfie, think about the methods your mind is processing the reputedly infinite circulate of records it is taking in.


Here are 7 ways Social Media affect our health:


1. Addiction:

Social Media addiction

Social media is addictive and this addiction leads us to waste our precious time. People do not realize this thing that they are wasting their time in useless activities. I am not saying that social media has no advantages but we have to use it in some limit. Everything looks pretty in its limit and crossing the limit leads us to risk.

Studies have found that 63% Americans log onto Facebook daily and 40% log on many time in a day. People use social media for many reasons, it usually helpful on some levels.

Researchers have found that social media is so common that they have created a scale to measure this addiction.


2. Comparison:

Social Media life comparison

Social Media makes us compare our life to other people.  The post on the social media and the other things happening leads us to make the comparison with others. If things are going well especially for the people in your news feeds and you are having a bad day, automatically this will affect badly on your mood.

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Researchers in the UK have surveyed the peoples, 53% users said social media has changed their behavior and 51% said social media impacted negatively on their mood because of a decreased in the confidence and self-esteem they felt due to the unfair comparison with others.

3. Restlessness:

Social Media effect on health

Social media make us feel restlessness. The reason is that we are so addicted to social media that we can’t live without it.

Out of the same example as above, two-thirds admitted that they feel difficulty in relaxing when not using social media.


4. Unhappiness:

Social Media side effects

A research from the University of Michigan gathered records about Facebook users and how it correlated with their moods. Truly positioned, they determined that the more avid users had been more unhappy than people who used the site less. Over greater time, avid users also stated lower pride in their lives typical.


5. Less Productivity:

Social Media less productivity

Studies have shown that our brains don’t have the ability to completely focus our attention on things straight away, and instead multitasking reasons our brain to fast switch from one task to any other. This hinders information processing and productiveness.



6. Glamorize Drugs:

Social Media glamorize Drugs

A research that explored the relationship between young adults, social media, and drug use determined that 70% of teens from 12 to 17 use social media, and that who have interaction with it on a day by day basis are 5 times much more likely to use tobacco, three times more likely to use alcohol, and twice as probably to use marijuana.

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7. Increase Jealousy:

Social Media increase jealousy

It’s no secret that the comparison aspect of social media leads to jealousy, the majority will admit that seeing different people’s tropical holidays and perfectly behaved youngsters is envy-inducing. Research has clearly proven that social media use triggers emotions of jealousy.

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