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Method Of Pairing New Firestick Remote Without Old One.

It is an Amazon product. It is a very popular device with many entertainment options on their television. It has an HDMI port. It is a very affordable device that can be connected to any type of television.

The Fire TV Stick comes with a remote as well. But there is one thing and it is also a common thing:

when you use the Fire TV Stick remote it may be damaged or have technical issues such as jammed buttons or it may not be paired with the television.

What should be done about this? Here is complete guidance on how to pair your Firestick remote without using the old remote.

Here Are Some Methods Of Pairing the New Firestick Remote With Your Device:

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Here are many easy and quick ways to pair your Amazon Firestick Remote with a television without using the old one.

  • By using Firestick TV Application
  • By Using Mobile Remote
  • By using Third Party Remote

By using the Firestick TV Application:

When you install a Firestick application, it is a very convenient way to pair your newly acquired Firestick Remote with your television.

Open the application then you will see the option of “Controllers and Bluetooth” then select it. Now click on the option for the newly acquired remote’s information.

Click on “Amazon Fire TV remote” from the dropdown list. Then you have to choose the Firestick you want to pair with your device.

Now you have to enter the activation code to associate it with your device on the TV screen and tap on the continue option.

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Lastly, you just have to confirm the Firestick name to confirm pairing. By doing so, you can connect your new Firestick remote without having to use the old one in an efficient and convenient manner.

By Using A Third-Party Remote:

Firestick Remote

You can also use a third-party remote for pairing your new Firestick Remote with a television.

Firstly you have to check the power of your third-party remote and connect it to your television. Make sure third-party remotes are compatible with Firestick Televisions.

Check the websites for specific codes. When you confirm the compatibility, click on the home button in the third party remote. As mentioned earlier, the button accesses the Firestick menu.

For a minute you have to hold the home button down. Your TV screen will then display a notification that the Firestick is searching for a remote.

Then you have to choose a third-party remote the same as the Firestick button, and press and hold it.

Once you have paired, release the button. For checking this pairing, you have to check it using the Firestick interface.

It is very significant to note down that not all types of third parties have the same function as Firestick Remote.

Pairing Your New Firestick Remote With Your Simple Television Remote:

Firestick Remote

Modern television remote controls have HDMI-CEC, which allows for smooth control of many devices via the HDMI connector.

To connect a Firestick Remote, go to the TV settings and enable the option. This reduces the need for numerous remotes and increases convenience by allowing customers to easily operate their Firestick with just one device.

This connection makes it easier to use, more efficient, and allows instant access to a variety of features without requiring lengthy setup procedures.

Modern television remotes are more than simply TV controls, providing unprecedented simplicity in operating entertainment systems with a single universal remote.

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Challenges Facing In Pairing A New Firestick Remote Without An Old One:

You may be facing some challenges pairing the updated Firestick Remote with the old one. Don’t worry, here are the reasons and their solutions that will help you overcome them.

These obstacles are the following:

  • If you lost or your old remote was damaged and your old remote had a function of voice control and unfortunately it is turned on and your replacement remote may not have a voice control function on it then you may lose the voice control facility. You don’t need to worry about the other basic features of the new remote.
  • You may find difficulty pairing newly acquired remotes due to the fact that some have different procedures to access pairing mode. Whenever you try to hold or press the Home Button, but it does not work, then you should read all the instructions that come with your new Firestick Remote before pairing it.


Almost all people thought that connecting the new Firestick Remote without the old one is very difficult. This is the easiest way to connect a new Firestick Remote without the old one, but here are some guidelines.

When you insert and switch on your new Firestick remote, it will immediately connect with your device.

If automated pairing fails, you may pair manually, but you must hold down the Home button for at least 10 seconds to begin the procedure.

These remotes work with a variety of Firestick devices, including the Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

Bluetooth technology enables wireless connectivity, while Amazon Alexa voice control enables content search, playing control, and other tasks. many device control is also available, allowing many devices to be controlled with a single remote.

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Replacement remotes for lost or broken Firestick remotes are available, and are intended to readily interface with your existing device. For full instructions on pairing and using the remote with your Firestick device, consult the user manual or Amazon’s official documentation.


  1. How many remotes are connected to Firesticks?

Almost seven remotes are connected to the Firestick device at the same time.

  1. The easiest way to connect the new Firestick Remote without the old one is to use the old one.?

Connecting the new Firestick Remote to the mobile application is the easiest way to do so without removing the old one.

  1. What should I do if my new Firestick remote does not recognize my device?

If your new Firestick remote is not pairing, simply follow the pairing instructions and your device will enter pairing mode.

  1. Can I use a newer model with an older Fire TV Stick remote?

No, previous versions of the Fire TV Stick remote may not work with current devices. For compatibility, it is best to utilize remotes from the same or similar generations.

  1. How long does a new Firestick remote take to sync with my device?

When you set your smartphone into pairing mode and follow the directions on screen, the pairing procedure normally takes only a few seconds.



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