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Bright spots on your Samsung TV Screen


TV is not only used for Entertainment purposes but also used as the main object for recreating and shaping our own society. We do need TV in our Homes, Offices, Hotels and on all other places for entertainment and to get informed what is happening around us.

What should you do if you get Bright Spots on your Samsung TV screen?

When ever this happen to your TV screen these Bright Spots will make it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite shows and these spotting might increase with time if you don’t not get to fix this.

Don’t worry we are here to help you get fix this problem!

Just read out through the whole Article given below I will tell you the reasons and How to fix these spotting on your TV Screen.


Why do i have Bright spots on my TV screen?

A Bright Spot came on your TV screen, because your LCD panel is having issues. There are many factors that can effect your TV screen and in the result you can get these bright spots.

The reasons that can cause bright spotting on your TV screen can be any of the following:

  1. Tv got a hit
  2. Loose Reflectors
  3. Dead Pixels
  4. HDMI cable
  5. Bugs in the Software
  • Tv got a hit:

Bright spots can occur to your Samsung TV screen because of a hit, Like if something or someone hits your TV Screen. When your TV screen got hit, the reflectors of the TV screen may shift from your their original position to any other position and it causes the occurrence  of the bright spots. It can happen at any time or by any means.

For this issue you might need to get check your TV from a customer service point of Samsung or to any other service provider which is expert in this matter. Because you might need to change the whole panel of your TV as if its broken or damaged.

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There is also a possibility that might be your LED strips are the only to get changed so you need any expert advice to get it done in a good way.

  • Loose Reflectors: 

Bright spots can also occur because of loose reflectors in it. Reflectors are basically used to spread the light but when there is any reflector which is loose it will cause the reflector to emit light on a single point so it will not work properly and will cause white spots.

Reflectors can be loose or broken for this issue we need to fix the reflectors of your TV by opening it. Every reflector should be at their assigned place and tighten also so it can work properly.

Its better if you contact the service provider to fix the issue with reflectors if you are new to opening TV.

Try to work this under expert supervision because this is really delicate to open your TV and fix reflectors.


  • Dead Pixels:

A Pixel is the element which create screen with colors like red, green and blue. When the pixels are dead it will cause the screen to get damage and it will show bright spots on your TV screen that can be white, black or colored.

To fix dead pixels you need to press those spots gently you can do it by covering your hand with a soft cloth so it can not damage the screen more but to fix the problem that is already present.

You can also fix this problem by resetting your display setting to default or factory reset so it can automatically fix the issue.

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You can also click the link below to watch how to fix dead pixels.


  • HDMI cable Socket:

Your screen can also show white spots because to your HDMI cable it might be in bad shape or in poorly seated condition. This can also be caused because the HDMI cable is broken at some point.

If you want to fix this issue remove the HDMI cable and clean its both ends by softly blowing up there. You can also use any source of compressed air to clean it. After cleaning both ends place the cable in HDMI socket as it was before. It will solve your problem and if its does not work than buy a new HDMI cable from your nearest store and it will do good to your problem.


  • Bugs in the Software:

Sometimes problem can not be fixed by fixing TV screen it can also be a software problem which can causes the bright spots to appear on the screen. For this purpose, you always need to look for the solution in software fixing.

To fix this problem, We need to update our TV software. When we have the latest version of software on our TV than the bright spots will automatically disappear.

You can also Reboot your whole software by pressing the power button for like 15 seconds. Restart it and it will solve your problem for sure.



It is not difficult to fix any problem. Every problem have a solution and by using the methods and techniques given above we can easily fix bright spots of our Samsung tv screen. Things can get worse if you don’t take the precautions while fixing it so its always better to get an expert advice for it.

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Fixing can be with device and also with the software of the Tv so its better if we check every possible way to get our right solution.

I hope you did get your required solution and your TV is fixed and in good position.


Q. Can bright spots on my TV can be fixed at home?

Ans. Yes, it can be fixed at home but it depends on the issue you have in your TV.

Q. What are the things that involved in creating bright spots?

Ans. It can be parts of your tv or by the software running in your tv so you need to check both before finalizing the exact issue or the cause of spots.

Q. what color of spot do we get in this issue?

Ans. It can be white, black or colored spot like blue and red. It can occur in different shapes like lines or dots. It can be few or many.

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