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Play Soundcloud on Alexa

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Technology plays an important part in our life. It can be from our daily use work to any special occasion. Now a days we can pay bills at one click, we can shop any thing from any online stores at any time in day, we can get groceries at our door step, we can use latest technology appliances at our home.

Even now, we can get help from different gadgets to use our Appliances. It can be for any where like home, offices or any other place we are present.

As we all know, The device Alexa we use in our daily life. It can help us in various ways. It can help us in shopping, getting weather updates, listening to music, getting information of every kind from Google. These days its also helping us to maintaining our home and office or other places. On our one single command Alexa can make work things as we required. Turning on and off lights, sound system or any other system we have installed.

Here is the thing in this Article I specifically want to discuss about playing sound cloud on Alex. I hope by reading this article you will get better understanding about Alexa and sound cloud as a connection.

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Is it possible to Play sound cloud on Alexa?

Well that’s true! I want to tell you there is no direct way to connect Alexa with sound cloud to enjoy music when ever we want. But this does not means that we can not use sound cloud with Alexa.

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There is an alternative way to use sound cloud with Alexa and its by connecting our cell phone, laptop or any other device where we can use sound cloud, to Alexa through Bluetooth.

In case if you need to know how to connect Bluetooth go to the link below

There are two easy ways to play or use sound cloud on Alexa which are given.

By using your mobile phone


The first step to use sound cloud on Alexa is by connecting your cell phone to the Echo Device means Alexa. It carries out by following the steps given below.

  • At first turn on your Alexa device and install Alexa app on your smartphone to make it work.
  • On your cell phone turn on Bluetooth functionality so we can connect it through.
  • Check if both of your devices are connected or not. If its connected we are good to go and if not than you need to do some extra effort to make it happen.
  • For that purpose go to your cell phone’s settings and than to the Bluetooth option.
  • Hit search and find new devices to pair with.
  • Make sure your phone is in visible mode.
  • On the very same time check your Alexa device if its visible to other devices and in ready to pair mode.
  • Go to your cell phone and check the search list if you get your Echo Device name in the list than hit pair.
  • Pair both devices by checking from both ends.
  • When its pair it will be ready to use.
  • Now what ever song you play on your sound cloud will be listened to you through Alexa.
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By using your laptop or system/Computer


So here the question rise that how can we connect our laptop or any other device like this to Alexa to use sound cloud. Following are the steps that you need to follow to connect it.

  • For laptop please download the Alexa application so we can set the connection.
  • After downloading the application please install it and login to your account and make sure its your active Alexa account that you always use for Alexa.
  • When the above application is installed and logged in. Go to its settings there you will find your device name click it and you will get the settings of your Bluetooth.
  • Make sure on your laptop or computer the Bluetooth connection is turned on.
  • In the application you will get your laptop name and pair it through Bluetooth connection.
  • When the connection is about to active you will get a notification on your computer/laptop select it
  • Your device is successfully connected by Bluetooth and you can now listen to your sound cloud music by Alexa mean your Echo device.


After all the discussion above its concluded that we can not connect our sound cloud app to Alexa but stills we have options to use it by other means. While Alexa is connected to internet we cannot directly use sound cloud to enjoy but we have indirect ways to make it happen and that is through using Bluetooth.

The quick recap of the whole solution is that not directly but yes by other source you can use Soundcloud with Alexa that other source can be Bluetooth or any other connection available at that time.

I hope this article answered many of your questions but if still you have some you can ask us by commenting so we can help you more with that.

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Q. Can we directly use Soundcloud with any Echo device?

Ans. No, we can not use Soundcloud directly with our Echo devices.

Q. Can we use Soundcloud with our Echo devices by connecting through Bluetooth?

Ans. Yes, we can use Soundcloud with our Echo devices by connecting through Bluetooth.

Q. Can we play You tube songs on Alexa?

Ans. No, we can not play You tube songs on Alexa but yes we can only play you tube songs by connecting our cell phone through Bluetooth to it.

Q. Can we play Soundcloud on Alexa without internet?

Ans. No, we can not use Soundcloud without internet but there is one condition by which it can happen as if we have our Soundcloud list in offline mode so we don’t require internet to play songs on Soundcloud.

Q. What is the difference between Echo and Alexa?

Ans. Echo is the voice like speakers and Alexa is the smart assistant that work for us on our command. so Alexa will make it happen if we need to play something and Echo will help us to listen to it.

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