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How To Reset Firestick Without Firestick Remote Control?


In this world of technology, television becoming more smart and for these smart devices Amazon Firestick becoming a necessary tool for everyone to their entertainment.

Technology plays an important part in our daily life, we cannot say that life can work normally without technology, we are so much dependent on the Technology for making our life work. As we all know with the help of Technology our life is so much easier now these days so we can not deny the value of Technology.

What should you do if you lost or damaged or broken your Firestick Remote control?

In this case you couldn’t use your Firestick  because you does not have any access to it. In this situation you just need to reset your Firestick but unfortunately you does not have any remote control.

So don’t worry, in this article I will explain you all the steps, methods and guidance according to reset Firestick without remort control access.

Firestick remote

Efficient Ways To Reset Firestick without Firestick Remote:

  1. By Using Simple TV Remote:
  2. By Using Input Devices:
  3. By Using Mobile App Of Amazon Firestick:
  4. By Giving Instructions To Alexa.
  • By Using Simple TV Remote:

If you don’t have your Firestick Remote and you want to reset your Firestick TV then here are the steps to reset Firestick without Firestick Remote.  If you only just have simple TV remote then you can easily reset your Firestick TV.

Its some how easy if we can use simple TV remote for resetting our firestick because we do have simple TV remote at our homes like everyone do have it. So by using simple TV remote its the best and easiest way to make it work.

For this you have to enable HDMI-CEC on television screen with the help of simple television remote. When you enable HDMI-CEC then you can easily use or control your Firestick.

  • By Using Input Devices:

Input devices like mouse or keyboard may allow you to reset your Firestick. Only Bluetooth keyboard or mouse are used for this purpose.

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When you already connect your keyboard or mouse with your television then there is no issue otherwise you have to enable it with your TV by going on Controllers and Bluetooth devices menu.

First you done connect these devices to your TV then you can easily approach Fire TV by using keyboard or mouse. Last and final step to choose Firestick devices which you want to reset and click on reset.

Please check the following link so that you can get an idea about using the other devices.

  • By Using Mobile App Of Amazon Firestick:

All android and apple users can easily install this app from Play store for Android and apple store for apple users.

After installing you can control your Firestick just by using your smartphone, make sure that your smartphone and connect with same WIFI connection. Firestick app have all function that Firestick remote contain.

When you open Firestick app then you see the option “Set Up New Device” at the bottom of screen. After few minutes mobile app is counted your TV.

When connection is done then you can easily use your app as a Firestick remote control.

For this you have to click on setting menu which is located at top left corner and click on menu option on TV and choose My Fire TV option then click reset to factory default option and confirm this process. It takes almost 2 to 5 minutes.

  • By Giving Instructions To Alexa:

Alexa is also a good option to reset your Fire TV when you have no Firestick remote. Alexa can work on just one command of your so its always better if you have this kind of devices installed at your home, offices and any other living place. When your television is connected to voice control device like Alexa then it is very easy to reset by giving instructions to Alexa and perform the following process:

  1. By selecting menu.
  2. Choose My Fire TV then click on the device you want to reset.
  3. Then click on factory reset default option and confirm the reset process.
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Alexa perform these steps one by one and your reset Fire TV without Firestick remote done easily.


With quick and convenient techniques, resetting a Firestick without a remote is now easier. Use your TV’s CEC capability, a remote control app on your smartphone, or the Amazon Fire TV app.

These solutions enable you to diagnose problems and restore your device to factory settings without the need for extra equipment. Don’t let the lack of a remote ruin your streaming experience; try one of these alternatives today and enjoy your favorite material with ease.


I hope the following questions will help you understand more about Firestick.

Q1 Can we do reset firestick manually without remote?

Yes, we can reset Firestick manually without remote. You can use method which describe above.

Q2 Can we use smart phone as a firestick remote control?

Yes we can use smartphone as a remort control of firestick tv if you install the Amazon Firestick app in your phone. Because Firestick app contain all the function of firestick remote.

Q3 What button can we use to reset firestick if we do have remote?

Ans If you have remote with you you just need to press and hold the right directional button along with the back button and it will start the process of resetting automatically.

Q4 Are we able to repair firestick?

Ans Yes, we can repair firestick. To repair it you need to press and hold the home button for like 20 seconds and than use it again. The other way to use it is by removing the batteries change them and if these are new you can just clean them and place them back into the remote.

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Q5 For how many years we can use a firestick?

Ans We can use a firestick for a long period of time if its used in a right way. As we can use if for like six to ten years if its purchased from an authorized manufacturing place.

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