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Top 10 New Awesome Technologies That Will Change Our World in Future

Top 10 New Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

oYou may be familiar with these troops in many of the TV episodes you saw when you were a teen and still watch as a youngster.

But the most exciting thing to look at was the prospect that one day you may have access to this technology soon. But, unfortunately, well, the “future” is nowhere to inform you.


10). Google Driverless Car

Google Driverless Car Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: The Mideast Beast

Maybe you still recall the time you look at the iRobot as a teenager, and you’re doubtful about the remark my brother makes that the autonomous automobile will one day come true. And now it’s a reality that a… search engine firm makes feasible, Google.

While the data source still is a secret formula, Google’s automated car is driven by artificial intelligence using video camera input from within the vehicle, a sensor from the top of the vehicle, and specific radar sensors and position sensors from various automobile positions.

It sounds like an effort to imitate the intellect of the human person in a vehicle, but so far, 1609 kilometers without human orders have been driving effectively!


9). Parallella

Parallella Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: Parallella

Parallella will revolutionize the way computers are done, and Adapteva will allow you to participate in this revolution. Just simply, it’s everybody’s supercomputer.

An energy-efficient computer is designed concurrently and efficiently to process complicated software. Even more solid and clever with Parallella are real-time object tracking, holographic heads-up display, voice recognition.

So far, with a projected delivery date of February 2013, the project has been successfully financed. The pricing appears quite promising for a tiny supercomputer since it mysteriously amounts to $99! For the non-programmer and non-Linux users, it is not suggested.

Nevertheless, the package is equipped with development programmed to build your customized projects. You could never have dreamt about the future of computing with just 99$, which can be launched through crowdfunding sites.


8). Project Fiona

Project Fiona Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: The Verge

Meet the gaming tablet’s initial generation. Razer’s Project Fiona is a series of powerful gaming tablets. Once it’s out, Fiona is the only conceivable for the pills to be released in 2013 since technology businesses could desire to set up their gaming tablets.

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This beast includes an Intel® Core i7 Processor of the next generation designed to give all your favorite computer games a boost.

Razer is the most successful maker of game accessories and is well aware that it can directly embed the user experience into the tablet, implying a three-axis gyro, magnetometer, accelerometer, and entire screen user interface that supports multifunctionality.


7). Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Source: XDA Developers

iOS and Android are excellent, but each has its regulations and laws that undoubtedly hamper developers’ creative efforts.

Since then, Mozilla has resolved to design a new mobile operating system from scratch that would focus on genuine openness, freedom, and user choice. For us, it’s built on open source, and web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 are supported.

Firefox OS is based on Gonk, Gecko, and Gaia software layers – for the rest of us. Without blocking constraints established by app stores, developers may design and start online apps, and users might even adapt the OS to their needs.

The OS is now launching on Android-compatible phones, and thus far, the impression is fantastic. You may utilize the OS to execute fundamental operations on iOS or Android: phoning pals, accessing the web, taking images, playing games.


6). SmartThings

SmartThings Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: Expert Reviews

The present difficulty with most gadgets is that they work as independent, and it takes effort for technology competitors to cooperate and produce goods that can genuinely link. SmartThings is available to connect and benefit your devices, digital or non-digital.

SmartThings may provide you the opportunity to monitor changes in your home and warn you about your smoke alarms, moisture, pressure, and vibration sensors via your smartphones! Think about the possibilities.

If you’re leaving the house, you may check who’s inside your home, but the light is on as you enter a room, close the windows and doors, everything for $500 cost! Feel like a tech ruler with this wonder in your home.


5). Eye Tribe

Eye Tribe Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: EEWeb

Over the years, technology enthusiasts have been actively discussing eye tracking, but it isn’t easy to execute. Eye Tribe did this, though. They have successfully developed the technology to enable you to monitor your tablet, play a flight simulator and even cut fruits using eye motions just in Fruit Ninja.

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It essentially uses the conventional eye-tracking technology and combines it with a camera facing it plus some robust algorithm for computer vision and, voilà, the eye-cutting fruit! This year a live demo was made on Le-Web, and in 2013 we could watch it happening on mobile devices.

Currently, the firm is still searching for a partner to push history and scientific technology into the consumer market.


4). Leap Motion

Leap Motion Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: 9to5Mac

Multi-touch desktops are (miserably) a failing product because the hands can become extremely weary by more prolonged use. Still, Leap Motion intends to combat this gloomy region with another higher notion.

You can use your fingers to operate the desktop without touching the display. It doesn’t be your standard motion sensor since Leap Motion lets you navigate the website with simple hand and finger movement and zoom in on the map and in photographs, sign papers and even play a first-person shooter game.

The most important thing here is seamless responsiveness. More important, with only $70, you may purchase the premium PS3 game title! If it can entirely operate with Oculus Rift to mimic a game experience in real-time, gaming will make a big difference.


3). Oculus Rift

Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: Time Magazine

Virtual reality games are here as Oculus Rift. This historical 3D headgear allows you to feel like you are in a video game indeed.

In the virtual world of the Rift, you may turn your head with extremely low latency to present the environment in high resolution.

Premium goods can accomplish the same on the market, but Rift wants you to get the experience at about $300, and even the package comes as a developer kit. This is the start of the revolution for games of the next generation.

The time is correct since the globe is presently overwhelmed with the virtual reality subject. The anime series of characters playing games in an all-virtual environment might be ascribed to Sword Art Online.

It might take a couple more years to achieve this degree of realism when we get there. Our initial move is Oculus Rift.


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2). Form 1

Form 1

Source: bunnie’s blog

As the title indicates, 3D printing is the technology that can turn your computer design into a solid real-life object.

This is nothing new for the advanced mechanical sector, but a personal 3D printer certainly is a novel notion.

Based on their creative design, everyone may produce their physical product without any giant manufacturer’s permission! Even the Aston Martin of James Bond wrecked in the film was a 3-dimensional printed material! Form 1 is one personal three-dimensional printer that you can get for $2799.

That might sound like a hefty fee, but it’s a reasonable fee to have the privilege of making your prototypes. Imagine a world in which everyone may make their unique physical things without constraint. In this future, personally productive and creative activities are maximized.


1). Google Glass

Google Glass Awesome Technologies That Will CHANGE our World in Future

Source: eLearning Industry

Augmented reality in the modes of simulated experimentation and learning has already entered our lives, but Google does this in various phases with Google Glass.

In theory, you can read social network feeds, text, and Google Maps with Google Glass and travel and capture pictures using GPS. Also, when you’re on the ground, you get the newest updates.

This is indeed what we termed vision and is entirely conceivable since the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, has demonstrated his glass with skydivers and creative artists.

Unfortunately, the device is now only accessible to selected developers with $1500 on the price tag but anticipates other technology companies trying it out and making a cheap consumer version.


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