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Top 10 Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Top 10 Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

You might need to split even though you have a wonderful life. Where to start a new life journey. Well, Where to? Where to? It depends on whether you want to find success in your life. For others, it may be financial stability or closer to nature, or just a quiet life.

From now on, you can start moving in a new quarter, a new city or even a new world. It gives a strong new beginning to live with new friends in a new world. Any places to start a new life are recommended here. They’re not in a strict order. And based on what you choose, there are various choices to choose from.


10). Singapore

Singapore 10 Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: SETAC Singapore

Singapore is the solution if you are seeking a comfortable life among the rank-and-file people. Because of its specific rules, Singapore is also known as the “fine” capital. For starters, if you spit and smoke on the road or chew gum, you are fined 1000 SGD.

You don’t believe you’ll be caught? They’ve got cameras. All you know is that a fine letter comes at your door unexpectedly. It is not, however, to pressure you, but also to give you the best atmosphere and neighborhood in which to live. Asia’s leading country is Singapore. From time to time, there are several world-class activities.

Singapore was the eighth-largest city in the world. You have to spend around $2000 a month to rent an apartment in Singapore.


9). The Bahamas

The Bahamas Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: Wego Travel Blog

There are a few Bahamas that do not have an income tax. In order to escape taxation, you do not even have to be a Bahamas official resident. You just need to stay in some parts of the region. The Bahamas is the comparatively lowest living cost in comparison to other Caribbean islands.

The medical system is the drawback of this world. Overall, however, other facilities and programs are fine. In the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas. It has more than 700 beaches, islets, and cays.

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The bliss of the tropical savanna climate brings you to live in the Bahamas. This is a perfect location to start a new life on a tropical island with a comparatively low cost of living and an earnings-free gain.


8). Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Source: BBC

Wouldn’t you want to eat outside so you can’t say farewell to your Chinese dining? Your reply could be from Hong Kong.

This place is one of Asia’s most prominent centers for food and entertainment. While Hong Kong is not like the Bahamas a duty-free republic, it is still one of the most advantageous taxation structures in the world. The fact that Hong Kong provides tons of investment revenue, not only does it contribute to the tax rate.

You only need to be there indefinitely for seven years to register for the citizenry of Hong Kong and you officially become a Hong Kong citizen. It’s a perfect place for starting a new existence without leaving the city life.



7). Mexico

Mexico Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: Turkish Airlines ®️

Is it Mexico that Americans flee to escape authority? You look so far at films. Not like you imagined it was, it’s the outlaw refuge. In reality, Mexico’s crime rate is lower than other countries in South America. Mexico is also a famous “escape” in extending its market for global corporations.

It is the biggest bridge to reach the United States and has one of the rich economies in the world. Where are the causes for Mexico’s new life? The warm lovely weather is just part of this and its low living rate. The people are friendly in Mexico (put aside that cartel presumption already).

You are looking for a more flexible adventure without going to a new life here.



6). The United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates

Source: Beautiful Place

It is not only between Middle East countries that the United Arab Emirates or the UAE is common. People from around the world decided that their high-quality living in UAE, particularly in Dubai, would start a new life. The political and economic conditions of the UAE are very stable.

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UAE still has a large paycheck for employment. Big enough to invest in fine food and entertainment from the UAE world-class. The high standard of life of course comes at a price. An annual rental price of $5,000 and $8,000 to a one-bedroom home. You will have a new life upgraded to remain in UAE.

Anything has to do with luxury. The question now is, are you taking it? To live in UAE, you will get a newly upgraded life. It is all about luxury. The question is now, do you have what it takes to survive the competition?


5). Indonesia

  Indonesia Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: Travel Inc

In tropical weather, Indonesia gives you a tranquil life. This land is ideal to launch a new life that puts together the glory of nature and your inner peace. The most famous island in Indonesia is Bali. In Bali, there are more than 2,000 expatriates.

The quiet living in Bali is attractive both on the coast and the mountain. Bali has comparatively modest housing costs. The rental price is on average, but in comparison with other pieces, like the capital of Jakarta, the property’s cost is very high. The consequence is the love and devotion of the Balinese to their own territory.

It’s a great place which is full of nature and it attracts people towards its beauty.


4). Jamaica


Source: ArcGIS StoryMaps

How it be to chill at a white sandy private beach enjoying pina collide if you were asked to shut your eyes and dream about your happiest place? If so, Jamaica is your ideal place. The country of natural beauty is Jamaica. Exotic trees, waterfalls, from beaches.

Waterfalls. It is the perfect way to chill and have fun at the same time! Mexico has a high degree of violence. Yet 1,000 expatriates live in Jamaica for a happy life of retirement. Looking for a new way of life, filled with relaxing and exciting experiences in a tropical beauty country? The reply for you is Jamaica.


3). The Netherlands

The Netherlands Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: Brogan Abroad

The seventh-happiest nation in the world, Netherlands, is next to it. This may be the outcome of its liberal policies (and a hint of tasty beverages and food).

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Amsterdam, its capital, is one of the most expatriate destinations. Most come here in the field of healthcare and welfare, commerce, shipping, industry, and communications. Expatriates are more expensive in living in the Netherlands.

You only qualify for apartments in the free market. But you can plan to pay for a little room a lot of money. The accommodations are nevertheless of high level, with additional space from wide windows and high ceilings.


2). Bermuda



Like the Bahamas, there is no income tax scheme in Bermuda. The Bahamas and Bermudas are both close in their atmosphere, natural beauty, and nature in the Caribbean.

It’s more isolated in Bermuda. The transport system of the Caribbean is deemed the most modern of all. There is a price used. The cost of living in Bermuda for a small apartment is at least $2,000 a month. Bermuda’s unemployment rate is zero.

Both people who have a working age in Bermuda then have jobs. That’s the product of the determination of its government to defend its interests.

Plus the buying a new house there is not a big deal it definitely costs less than the place you are living right now.


1). Monaco

Monaco Countries Where You Can Start Your New Journey of Life

Source: GetYourGuide

The country to start a new life in Monaco is the number one suggested. This town is the richest country in the world. Life in Monaco ensures that the world’s richest people become neighbors (some of them are very influential). The rich people’s tax haven is known as Monaco.

Monaco also ensures the stability of your investment with its stable political principality. The warm atmosphere and luxury life are also nice. The most luxurious property in the world is the one from Monaco.

You don’t think you own a house? Own a yacht and park in the luxury Monaco community. Monaco offers many world-class activities, despite being a small nation.

This is a golden tip on why the three hundred and six thousand wealthy people live in Monaco.


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