David Goggins Net Worth, Facts, Biography and More

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David Goggins Net worth

David Goggins is a retired SEAL athlete, life coach and public speaker. David was born in 1975 in Buffalo, New York.

David began his service with the US Navy’s elite troops for Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom at 6 years old.

David McLean Goggins also attempts to break the world record through his events including 100-mile endurance races, Ultraman triathlons, ultra marathons and iron man triathlons.

David has completed many other adventures that are recognized by all levels of government officials. David has served as an endurance expert on the National Geographic show for 4 seasons (2012).

Life will hit you even hard, and not everyone is going to come up and go. Some had gone halfway, and some were unable to start.

David Goggins was not able to escape his challenges, known as “Toughest Man Alive,” The challenge is just the beginning of a greater life. That was what pushed him to do well and drive well every day.



Profession: Ultramarathon Runner, Ultra-distance Cyclist, Triathlete
Net Worth $2.5 Million
Gender Male
Height 6 Feet
Age 44 years old
Date of Birth:  February 17, 1975
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birth Place Buffalo, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Weight 81 kg
Sexual Orientation Straight
Eye Color Dark Brown


Early Life:

David Goggins is his first name. David is an American cyclist, racer, triathlete, speaker, and blogger. He is also a long-term officer of the Navy SEAL and a member of the United States air force. He was active in the war in Iraq.

Born in New York City on February 17, 1975. It was a traumatic birth for him a sour recollection.

His dad is addicted, and his brother and his girlfriend beat him. At college, he cannot even find solace because he is considered overweight, frail, or with difficulties in learning. He agreed to give up his house when Goggin’s father was eight.

At 24 he was almost 300lbs and sprayed cockroaches full-time. The day after an unbelievable working day, he argued for the sealing of a TV show. That was what made Goggins’ bar into his life. He was the king of guiding.


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Personal Life (Wife, Children, and Family):

David Goggins’ personal life is a little silent. His wife’s name is Aleeza Goggins, but in this part of her life, there is little transparency. She’s a social worker in Japan.

Aleeza Goggins was working best, but she was hard, as she was David Goggins’s ex-wife.

She’s ten, elder than her husband. She’s ten years old. She even looked after David’s mate, and when he was in the army, she was a former nurse. In 2005 they had a private ceremony, but in 2008 they were eventually separated.

Aleeza said David is not sexually fulfilled because of the breakdown. However, David is a private man, as we all know, he has not left a note.

Aleeza now lives in Japan after her visa has expired, even though they live apart, they remain close friends.

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It is not clear if they had children or not.


Age, Height, and Weight:

David Goggins is five and eighty and six feet high. He weighs 190lbs. His toning was fine.

Because of his daily physical activities and preparation. He has a rigorous diet to keep his good figure, but he’s not a vegan but he mainly has a ketogenic diet.


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The performance of Goggins did not exist in one day alone. It’s been a journey. By the age of 19, he chose the Air Force to be a pararescue guard who saves downloaded pilots in water supposedly educated. However a “sickle cell trait” was eventually diagnosed, often resulting in intense discomfort and other significant complications. He simply took some time to sleep.

When David Goggins aged 24, his overnight job and his poor diet flattered up to almost 300 pounds. Normally, he is going to down huge dairy and beans. The Navy Seal was discovered one day and he decided to do something similar.

Goggins served as a member, causing his weight loss and his intent to be discovered. He was the only one in the “elite op” of the Air Force, the Navy Seal, and the Army to earn “Top Honor Man” in the Ranger school. Indeed, so many things happened from Ranger Training.


Marathon and Ultra-marathon:

Goggins wanted to enter the Badwater Ultramarathon is a charity event, but organizers said it was best to enter a new ultramarathon at first.

The 24-hour ultramarathon run at the Hospitality Point in San Diego, Goggins, was introduced in 2005 at San Diego One Day.

In 19 hours and 6 minutes, he could run 101 kilometers – though he had never tried to run a marathon before. Soon after, in a timeframe that qualified him for the Boston Marathon, David ran his first marathon (Las Vegas).

After the two events, Goggins has yet to be invited to the Hurt-100, the ultra-marathon in Hawaii, which is known to be one of the most demanding of the world’s ultra-marathons.

He was the ninth runner to reach the finish line and the race was only completed by 23 athletes. He won admission into the Badwater-135 in 2006.

In 2006 he finished 5th in the general rankings of Badwater135, the unparalleled performance of a world-class ultramarathon beginner.

He took part in the Las Vegas Marathon and was prominently ranked there. He has taken part in the ultra-distance Cycling Event, Furnace Creek-508 (2009), too.

He ran in the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii three months after finishing his first Badwater Ultramarathon in 2006. In the 320-mile race, he came second, riding 261 miles on borrowed bicycles, two days from now. He had never raced on a bike before practicing for that event.

In 2007, Goggins finished at the Badwater-135 in third place overall.

In 2013, after a break from the show since 2008, he returned to the Badwater-135 at 18th position.

He participated in another fourteen super endurance events, with five top finishes in nine of them over the next two years. At the 48-hour National Championships, he recorded his lifetime best and smashed the existing record by 20 km with 203.5 kilometers in total, and took the lead of the world’s top 20 ultramarathons.

He was named Runner’s World’s “Hero of Running” in 2008.

In 2016, the Infinitus 88k won in twelve hours, nearly 20 minutes before the next finisher. He won the Music City Ultra 50k and Strolling Jim 40 Miler in the same year.

In 2020, Goggins had the Moab 240 run an ultramarathon, finishing second behind race leader, Michele Graglia, at the 241-mile event, 63 hours and 21 minutes.

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As reported, in his early childhood Goggins suffered a lot from physical violence, hunger, and mental discrimination. Last 2018 he wrote a book titled: “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Challenge the Odds.”

In just over 4 months this book sold 900,000 copies, adding to its net value. It discusses the triumph of pain. David Goggin learns to look back and has taken it as a lesson to his progress.


Motivational Speaker:

Goggins was not finished by just sharing it in his books, and he became a motivational speaker. He imparts his rough journey to several groups, primarily in business, sports, and school campuses.



  • 2013: the world record in 24 hours (4,030) on the majority of pull-ups;
  • 2007: Badwater 135 – a 135-mile Death Valley ultramarathon which is considered the hardest football race in the world;
  • 2006: (second) the Ultraman World Championships, the world’s most challenging triathlon, a double-iron race;
  • 2007: (first position) 48-hour national foot endurance run, with a distance of 203.5 miles, which beat 20 miles to the previous record;
  • 2007 – Another best finishes 2016 will be at scores of the worst endurance races in the country, including The HURT 100, Leadville 100, West America & more.


20 Lessons on Suffering and achievement from David Goggins:

1. Try to find out pain, Love yourself with pain

So I looked for agony, fell in love with misery, and finally, I became the hardest man ever made by God from the poorest piece of shit on the earth or so I am telling myself.


2. The worst situations are the best training environments

I washed my brain through depression from that time on. I’d go run if it rained. Whenever it starts snowing, my mind thought, get your shoes on.


3. Be a warrior

[Out from all 100 men] “Then shouldn’t have ten, eighty are just ambitions, nine truly are warriors, and we are grateful to have them and they’re going to fight. [In Heraclitus] Oh, but the insurgent is the one…”


4. Master your Skills

Master your feelings, You can only master your mind to lead a brave life packed with successes that most people view as beyond their ability.


5. Change your power into adversity

And everything you have, be bigotry, sexism, accidents, divorce, trauma, obesity, disaster, or hunger, is the fuel of your metamorphosis, anytime you are powered.


6. Social honesty builds trust

I found that when I graduated, I did not have a perfect family or a god-given talent to build faith. I was admired and appreciated for myself still allowed us to move forward by personal accountability.


7. Having experience is better

Waking up around 5 a.m. I just liked getting up. I loved waking up. The bank had begun three hours of aerobic work while the rest of the employees didn’t even finish their coffee.

It gave me a psychological benefit, more meaning, and more faith that made me a better SEAL teacher. So get up and carry it out would do for you in the morning. It makes you happy in other areas of your life.


8. Write down the awkward things to do

Dig your newspaper out again and write down everything you won’t do. These aspects you know are good for you in particular. Go to do it again now, make one.


9. Smile at pressure, look, and drive it a little bit further.

Smile at suffering and have at least a second or two fades away. You should string those seconds together to last longer than your enemy feels it is possible and it could be necessary for a second wind to grab.


10. Bring the strongest feeling with you

The victory ticket always comes down when you feel the worst and carry your best.


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11. Give it all your love

Who’s the adversary? Is your mentor, your tutor, your manager, a destructive customer? Regardless of how you are handled, one way is not only to gain your admiration but to turn the tables.

Excellence. Excellence. This may involve a survey, an optimal proposition, or a breakdown of a sales target. Whatever it is, I expect you to work better than you ever did on this assignment or in that lesson.

Do it that you request and you can aspire to surpass that regardless of the norm they set as an optimal consequence.


12. Your mind is callous

My hands were tender and ripped easily to the bars because they weren’t familiar with steel grabbing. Yet my palms have made up a thick callous as a barrier over time, after thousands of reps.

When it comes to thought, the same idea applies.


13. You should do something else

Hell Week is intended to illustrate to you that a person is much more competent than you know. It opens up your eyes to real future human beings, and thus your mindset improves.

You’re not scared of cold water or pushing up the entire day. You understand they can never break you, no matter what they do.

14. Take it toughest to leave the most

It’s that it makes you callous your mind because you are pressed harder when you try to resist most.

That’s the same explanation why if you are the least inspired you have to do your best.


15. You have obstructions to doing something

Physical challenges improve my mind and I will do the same for you so that I will be ready for everything life throws on me.


16. You can’t shift your emphasis on achieving targets

On average people think about two to three thousand thoughts an hour. Imagine visualizing something that should be done instead of dwelling on nonsense.

Select some challenge or put a new target in your path and see whether to resolve it or accomplish it.

17. Think Positive

Cookie Jar was the phrase I used to recall who I am and what I would do Because I tried to know what I was. We all have a cookie box inside us and life has always checked us.

I promise you that even though you feel poor and broken by life, you can think of a time or two that has earned the odds and enjoyed a triumph.


18. Always Push more

If you are running on a push-up or a treadmill, you are so sore, you are so painful that you are supplicated to interrupt your mind. Then just drive another 5-10%. If you have done the most push-ups ever do 105 or 110 at a training.


David Goggins Net Worth:

David Goggins has many careers that have made a significant contribution to his net value. He then went on to become a charismatic competitor and speaker in the Army. The net value of David Goggin is expected to be $2.5 million.


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David’s life story is one of overcoming great challenges and breaking records to prove that anything was possible with enough determination.

David set out to complete 100-mile races, Ultraman triathlons, ultra marathons and iron man triathlons which he did successfully completing them all.

David also attempted to break the world record through his events including 100-mile endurance races, Ultraman triathlons, ultra marathons and iron man triaths.

David McLean Goggins continues to serve as public speaker sharing his experiences with people around the world in order to motivate them never give up no matter what they are going through. David has encouraged thousands of people to be a “better man every day” by breaking the records with 100-mile races, Ultraman triathlons, ultra marathons and iron man triathlons David completed successfully completing them all.

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Here is one of my favourite quote from him

Don’t Live in An External World, Go Inside Yourself.” David Goggins
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