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10 Shocking Facts of Joe Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

From its beginning, the seismographic life of Joe Biden in politics has been defined by success to failure. Victories were accompanied by unprecedented human catastrophe.

Self-inflicted wounds crippled fledgling campaigns. However, he has been the supreme democratic wingman and the nation’s unofficial chief consoler—36 years in the Senate, 8 years in the Obama administration.

His third round for the White House took shape – a massive fall into inattention.


Some Interesting

Facts About Joe Biden:

10 Shocking Facts of Joe Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

  1. When he was younger, Biden used to stutter! Until he entered law school, he didn’t quit and had a friend helping him solve the problem.
  2. He and his first wife purchased a puppy and they named it Senator while he was at Syracuse University College of Law.
  3. He was made a senator at the age of 29, despite 30 of you being a Congressman. However, no rules have been violated. At the time of his induction, he was 30.
  4. While he is his first Vice President, he’s not an unusual presidential race. In 1988, and again this year, 2008, Biden ran for president (now, you know why he sounded so familiar!).
  5. Everywhere he goes, Biden has a good luck charm. He still loves to wear a rosary, but admits that he has to substitute them half the time because they are absent!
  6. What are his favorite food and go-to meals? Dough!
  7. In his life, Biden never drank, because in his family alcoholism lies.
  8. His wife and daughter, who was one year old, were killed in a car crash on December 18, 1972, a few weeks after he was elected. His two sons, Beau and Hunter, were seriously wounded, but luckily recovered entirely. But Biden wasn’t convinced by the leader of the Senate majority — Biden was eventually sent to office from the bed of his son.
  9. Biden has been married to his second wife, Jill Tracy Jacobs, for 30 years. His son Beau joked in his speech at the Democratic National Convention that they all married her. With Jill Jacobs, Biden had another child named Ashley. Right now he’s got, four grandchildren!
  10. From 2009 to 2017 Presidency he was the 47th Vice President of the USA.
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What will happen after He Became President?

 Facts of Joe Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

As Joe Biden wins next week’s US election in 2020 against Donald Trump, the new President-elect will face huge pressure to laundry many goals from external affairs to the global crisis and undo much of his predecessor’s strong reforms.


Pandemic Work:

10 Shocking Facts of Joe Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

  • Biden for its first 100 days in the White House, Biden’s first and most urgent mission was to enforce a new national strategy to tackle the coronavirus epidemic which claimed over 220 000 lives in the United States and infected millions – more than any other country on earth – and takes measures to resolve the devastating economic consequences.


  • And while the new President may be fresh from success, Moderate Biden will have to struggle alongside him – a conservative party with an ever more powerful liberal wing that is hungry for big institutions, to try to respond to some of the most pressing questions about the future of the world.


  • Biden’s pandemic efforts – which his team has been planning since March, close sources say – promise to scale up monitoring efforts in the country; tackle racial and ethnic gaps between rates and outcomes of infection and COVID-19; and re-establish the Trump administration’s pandemic eagerness initiatives.


  • However, “the pandemic will take time to monitor the US” (Kavita Patel), a doctor who advises Harris on health policy, but currently does not advise on the initiative. She says the workers of Biden “intend to touch the field,” to change the US response.


Research Importance:

10 Shocking Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

President Biden will be expected to establish other scientific goals for his administration in addition to addressing pandemics and climate change.

Biden was more involved in international policy and the courts as he served in the Senate and Harris is a criminal justice scholar, including her previous post as the attorney general of California.

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He should appoint a science consultant to establish and apply whatever scientific goals arise as soon as possible.

Among many other issues, developments in artificial intelligence and quantum physics, which were considered necessary to keep the United States competitive with China, was centered by Druoegemeier and the Trump administration. Biden “will certainly be searching for ideas in the Senate” as a retired Senator, says Jenny Luray, Vice President Policy for Research Communications.

In cancer science, Biden was especially interested in his studies, particularly after his 46-year-old son Beau died of brain cancer in 2015. As Vice-President, Biden led a government program called “Cancer Moonshot” which started in 2016, Obama’s final year of presidency.

Later this initiative became a non-profit organization, which Biden suspended after opting to run for president last year Biden would want to ensure that the traction that started in 2016 did not decrease, “says the American Association for Cancer Research Vice-chair for science policy and government affairs, Jon Retzlaff.

Combining Biden’s own experience and that of Harris with the disease is likely to mean that cancer and medical science will be a focus for the administration, he says. While Biden has been in the public sector for nearly fifty years, “Biden is fundamentally a blank screen,” he says Lubell.


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NASA Development:

NASA Development

Space exploration is among the few ways in which the administration of Trump has made major attempts to develop a scientific strategy.

However, he shared his passion for space in May, when NASA first sent two astronauts on a private spacecraft to the International Space Station. The official website of the Democrats says this group is “engaged to continue space exploration and discovery” like “The work of NASA to get Americans back on the Moon and go beyond Mars.

” Instead, at the end of 2024, Trump diverted NASA to target people to the Moon, which was generally believed to come at the end of the hypothetical second presidential term of Trump.

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Now, Biden is President of USA,  John Logsdon says, “I would hope that the deadline of 2024 will be gone.”

The Space Council will put members of different national organizations, including the military and the NASA, together to organize government-wide space policy.

In the last couple of years, the Council has been working to rationalize rules for the commercial use of space, develop national policies on the management of space traffic and establish a “space force” as a separate US Army division, which is tasked with defending the nation’s interests in space, “says Logsdon.

The vice-president chairs the National Space Committee so that Harris takes over Pence. Harris has done no work on space, but Logsdon states that she represents California in Congress, where several major aerospace firms and many NASA centers. This will allow her to focus on issues relating to space exploration commercialization.


International Developments:

10 Shocking Facts of Joe Biden and What will happen after He Becomes President?

The emphasis on science and national security is likely to continue by President Biden.

In the second term of Obama, he committed to out-compete China in the production of key new technology, and attempts by the United States to monitor China’s interferences in its research laboratories started while still vice president.

Notwithstanding the result in November, Koizumi states, it will only escalate and it will be a struggle for the administration of Biden to protect intellectual property in the country without alienating Chinese scientists. “Openness vs. defense, you need to balance.”

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