Watch Youtube Videos on Whatsapp

Watch Youtube Videos on Whatsapp

All of us know how traumatic it’s miles while you get hold of a youtube link in WhatsApp and upon clicking it the app opens the youtube app to play the video.

However, this toggling between the apps is set to change with the trendy WhatsApp feature. WhatsApp’s new update consists of a hidden feature that let you view youtube videos immediately within the app.


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Though youtube video play feature is covered within the latest WhatsApp update launched on the app store, it’s miles nevertheless hidden and may be officially activated once it’s ready.

Watch Youtube Videos on Whatsapp

The Picture in Picture Mode:

The new feature implemented in WhatsApp makes use of the picture in picture idea to allow users view youtube videos inside your WhatsApp chats.

You can pinch at the picture in picture mode in order to amplify it, or you can open the video in a new WhatsApp phase to view it in full-screen mode.


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In addition, you can also momentarily hide the picture in picture mode without stopping the video to view your messages.

This feature is of route nevertheless being kept below the wraps because it does not glitch free. Presently, it’s not possible yet to keep active the video in case you change the chat as the picture in picture mode will disappear.

However each time Whatsapp officially launches this feature, it surely will make things less complicated.

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Watch Youtube Videos on Whatsapp

There’s no news yet about its availability to android and windows phone users. It’s miles pertinent to mention here that the function will handiest be like minded for the iPhone collection starting from iPhone 6 and beyond as previous versions can’t support the function in terms of screen size.

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