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Who is Laura Giaritta? Vanilla Ices’ Wife Revealed

Laura Giaritta

On October 18, 1970, in the United States of America, Laura Giaritta was born. American Laura is the proprietor of a sports business in Florida.

She gained notoriety as Vanilla Ice because she was the ex-wife of the rapper Robert Matthew Van Winker. She is a well-known owner.


Vanilla Ice is a stage name for Robert Matthew Van Winkle, an American rapper, actor, and television host. Marriage: In 1997, the pair were hitched.


As of 2022, Laura Giaritta better known by her stage as Laura Van Winkle—will be 52 years old. She was born in the United States on October 18, 1970. Giaritta is a Caucasian American and a Taurus by birth sign.

Thomas Giaritta, her father, and Elaine Giaritta raised her in a Christian home. Although she hasn’t spoken much about her father, she has a wonderful relationship with her mother and frequently posts pictures of the two of them online.


Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta first connected during a 4th of July celebration in 1995. Together, they marked the day of their independence. Vanilla Ice was going through a difficult time at the moment. He reportedly tried to commit suicide a year earlier by overdosing on drugs, but he miraculously lived. Both Vanilla’s relationship and career were in decline.

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Vanilla, who had a tattoo of her ex-girlfriend before Laura, had recently broken up with her. Laura was 24 years old when she met Vanilla Ice. Following a few years of dating, Laura and Vanilla Ice got married on March 30, 1997.

After obtaining their marriage license, the wedding was held at Star Island Mansion on Miami Beach. Sadly, their love grew quite strong.


Laura is a dedicated individual with a successful career. She has been working in a field she loves for a long time, and she has no plans to stop any time soon. Laura has a strong commitment to her profession and takes great satisfaction in it.

She is constantly looking for fresh approaches to develop her abilities and advance her career. She is well-liked by her coworkers and is known for being an excellent employee. Because of Laura’s genuine commitment to her job, that progress will only increase in the years to come.

American businesswoman Laura Giaritta owns and operates a 2 The Extreme sports outlet. She is unaware that she has a second job; yet, the sports shop was where she made a respectable living.

Her ex-husband, a former rapper, began his career as an artist rather than as a star of a TV show. She became famous as a result of her marriage to and subsequent divorce from the well-known rapper Vanilla Ice.


Regarding her marital status, Laura is now single. However, she had a protracted love affair with her ex-husband Vanilla Ice. She and Vanilla Ice met on July 4, 1994, at a party that took place following Vanilla Ice’s passing. Vanilla Ice was trying to relaunch his career and forge a new identity with the funk-influenced rap style.

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When Vanilla first saw her, he was experiencing loneliness and desperation due to his relationship. He began using an excessive amount of drugs in an attempt to kill himself because he was so disappointed and disheartened, but his suicide attempt was unsuccessful, and he lived.

He saw her as a blessing during this dark time and fell deeply in love with her. After one year of dating, the couple got engaged. Then, on March 30, 1997, Giaritta wed Vanilla Ice in a wedding ceremony at its Star Island estate in Miami Beach.


Laura, the spouse of Vanilla Ice, filed for divorce. Laura made the decision to divorce her husband after 16 years of marriage. Everything started when he stopped being encouraging following the birth of their second kid.

Domestic violence led to two arrests for Vanilla Ice. In an argument with Laura in 2001, he plucked hair from her head to prevent her from jumping from his truck, which resulted to his first arrest. The rapper was given probation and forced to attend family therapy sessions after entering a guilty plea to disorderly conduct.

Later, authorities in Palm Beach County detained Vanilla Ice for allegedly assaulting his wife, Laura, with a kick and a punch. Laura and her husband cohabited, nonetheless, when she forgave him. Laura claimed that Vanilla had transferred some of their funds under the name of his business, Van Rap, LTD.


Dust Rain and KeeLee Breeze, the daughters of Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta, were born. 22-year-old Dusti Rain was born in 1998. She worked toward a bachelor’s in science at Full Sail University.

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In addition to being a realtor, Dust resides with her boyfriend, J Kyle Christoffers. KeeLee Breeze, her other daughter, turned 20 in 2016 and was born in 2000. She is currently concentrating on her education so she can support herself. KeeLee Breeze is dating a man and resides in Wellington, Florida. Laura is the sole guardian of both kids.


Finally, divorce among celebrities is becoming widespread. Even while it can be simple to condemn them, we must keep in mind that they are also humans with flawed lives.

The actress Laura Giaritta is only one example of a famous person who has experienced divorce. As she recovers from this trying time, we should remember her.

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