48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

 48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

Happiness and a beautiful life is something we all want, many people find it challenges and harder to maintain. We do not need to run after anything to become happy, happiness is within us and we just need to remove some of the hurdles from it. I will tell you about 48 Easy ways to be happy and successful.


Here are 48 Easy ways to be happy and successful:


1. Always maintain your positive attitude


2. Always learn and try new things


3. Do something kind for someone else daily


4. Go to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning


5. Get a good sleep of 7+ hours each night

48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

6. Take bath daily and replace warm showers with cold ones


7. Say “No” to people, obligations, requests, and opportunities you’re not interested



8. Say “Thank you” every time you’re served by someone


9. Say “I love you” 3+ times a day to yourself and the most important people in your life


10. Consume 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes of waking up


11. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts on 1.5 or 2x speed, your brain will change faster


12. Decide where you’ll be in five years and get there in two


13. Remove all non-essentials things from your life


14. Take a good meal and replaces Carbs With Healthy Fats


15. Drink juice a few times per week


16. Always believe in yourself

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48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

17. Stop obsessing about the outcome


18. Make yourself tension free at least 1 hour a day


19. Genuinely apologize to those people you’ve mistreated


20. Make friends with those people who inspire you


21. Save 10 percent or more of your income


22. Tithe or give 10 percent of your income away


23. Drink at least 8 glass of water per day


24. Buy a small place rather than rent


25. Exercise daily to keep yourself fit and healthy

48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

26. Make a few radical changes to your life each year


27. Define what wealth and happiness mean to you


28. Alter the way you think and feel about the money


29. Invest only in those industries you are accurately informed about


30. Create an automated income source that takes care of the basics



31. Try to make multiple incomes sources


32. Track at least one habit you’re trying to improve


33. Have no more than 3 items on your to-do list each day


34. Make your bed first thing in the morning


35. Make one brave request per week what do you have to lose?


36. Be generous with a stranger at least once per month


37. Write and place a short, thoughtful note for someone in a day


38. Respect and become good friends with your parents


39. Focus on your goals and keep hardworking


40. Eat at least one meal with your family in a day

48 Easy ways to be happy and successful

41. Spend time reflecting on your blessings at least once per day

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42. Stop taking caffeine


43. Pray morning, mid-day, and night


44. Read a book in a week



45. Write in your diary at least 5 minutes per day


46. Make a bucket list and actively knock items off


47. Fast from all food and caloric beverages 24 hours once per week


48. Do not use the internet 24 hours once per week


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