Amazon Echo Expands to 28 more Countries

by Intellectual Insider

The Company announced that Amazon Echo is coming to 28 more countries and so is Amazon’s music streaming service. The service is called Amazon Music Unlimited, and it offers a bit over 40 million songs and thousands of stations and playlists.


The countries that the service and Amazon echo are coming consist of Iceland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, The Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, and others.



Commands like “Alexa, play music” work on voice assistant-enabled devices, and Alexa can generate personalized stations built with data from machining learning. The service play on the Amazon music app on iOS, Android, Desktop, and Fire tv.

Amazon Echo Expands to 28 more Countries

Amazon music unlimited has 3 plan options:
1. The echo plan, which lets you listen on a single device
2. The Individual plan, which lets you add up to ten devices
3. The family plan, where six people can stream in the same household.

Amazon Echo has been expanding to many countries this year, including India and Canada.

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