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Are you surprised at how quickly Debbie Gibson moved on?

debbie gibson

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Debbie Gibson

She arrived on Earth as Deborah Ann Gibson on August 31, 1970, making her 50 years old by the year 2020. She works as a record producer, actress, singer, and composer in the United States. Since the 1987 publication of her debut album, Out of the Blue, she has been in the spotlight.

She was awarded triple Platinum certification by the RIAA for her debut album. As a composer, producer, and performer of the song “Foolish Beat,” she made history as the youngest female artist to have a song chart at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Her second studio album, Electric Youth, which features the U.S. number-one smash song Lost in Your Eyes, was released in 1989, continuing her musical career. She was named the 1989 Songwriter of the Year by ASCAP alongside Bruce Springsteen.

Gibson has a thriving career as a musician, but she has also created a solid acting career, appearing in numerous independent films and television shows.

Early Life and Education

Brooklyn, New York is the city where Gibson was born in 1970. She was the third daughter of four children born to Joseph Gibson (the father) and Diane Pustizzi Gibson (the mother).

To further on her family history, it should be mentioned that her father, Joseph Schultz, was an orphan when he was a youngster. Joseph was eventually taken to live in an orphanage after Debbie’s paternal grandma married a Gibson.

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Together with her parents and brothers, Debbie spent her formative years in the New York neighborhood of Merrick. She identifies as American and lists her heritage as being of Italian/Sicilian, German, and maybe Russian ancestry.

She developed an interest in music being inspired by her father who had a great passion for singing. Thus, she went to study piano under pianist Morton Estrin.

Personal Life

Although she has been in a committed relationship with Rutledge Taylor since 2008, who could be her future spouse, American singer Debbie Gibson is not married. She had also been associated to Jonathan Kanterman in the past, and the two had even been engaged.

Getting more personal, she experienced stalking from Robert Bardo (born January 2, 1970), who was later found guilty of the murder of American model and actress Rebecca Schaeffer and is currently serving a life sentence.

Jorge Puigdollers, a Spanish cab driver, pursued her as well; she only brought a claim against him in 2008. When she failed to appear for the hearing, the court matter was dropped.

Debbie Gibson Children

Despite having an ambition of having children, singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson is childless. This is because she has had Lyme disease since the beginning of 2013. That could possibly be the cause of her inability to find a husband. Nevertheless, she is fortunate to have 10 nieces and nephews.

Debbie Gibson Children

Singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson has no children in her life although she has a dream of being a mother. This is because; she has been diagnosed with Lyme disease since early 2013. That might also be the reason why she isn’t having a husband in her life. However, she is blessed with 10 nieces and nephews,

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Rutledge Taylor

Rutledge Taylor is a doctor, although he is best known for his relationship with Debbie Gibson, a singer. His success is mostly the result of his close friendship, and this has demonstrated that if you are associated with a famous person, you will undoubtedly receive a lot of media attention.

Career and Professional Life

Dr. Rutledge Taylor is a medical doctor by profession because he has earned his M.D. We don’t have a lot more information about his employment or professional background, but we do know enough about that of his girlfriend.

Gibson is a well-known singer and actress from the United States who has already published nine studio albums, including Out of the Blue (1987), Anything Is Possible (1990), Think with Your Heart (1995), Colored Lights.

The Broadway Album (2003), and many more. She has also demonstrated success as an actress, acting in numerous movies and television shows.


Dr. Rutledge Taylor has been dating Debbie Gibson for more than ten years, but they haven’t yet tied the knot. The couple doesn’t appear to be planning a wedding and appears to assume that a successful marriage may exist without a marriage ceremony.

His spouse has received attention for her personal problems and has been the target of long-term stalking by several males.


In conclusion, Debbie Gibson has enjoyed success in the entertainment world for more than 30 years as a singer, actor, and composer. Gibson has nine studio albums under his belt, has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, and has written songs for other musicians.

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She is also a generous donor to numerous causes. Gibson is a gifted musician whose upbeat message and music have motivated a lot of people. In conclusion, Debbie Gibson has enjoyed success in the entertainment world for more than 30 years as a singer, actor, and composer.

Gibson has nine studio albums under his belt, has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, and has written songs for other musicians. She is also a generous donor to numerous causes.Gibson is a talented artist who has inspired many people many people with her music and her message.

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