10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

Here is a quick tip in case you find your download speed over Wi-Fi is slower than you believe ought to be. Lately, I was checking out my broadband net connection and observed that the rate of the 2.4GHz signal was very slow. However, once I switched over to the 5GHz signal from my dual-band router I could get the full 50 Mbps download speed that I am supposed to get from my internet provider. In the meantime, the 2.4GHz sign was hovering somewhere around 8 Mbps.


Here are 10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed:


1. Position your router in the perfect spot:

The best region for a router is somewhere in the centre of the home, and on a table or shelf as opposed to the ground. Having the route in open – free from walls and obstructions – allows, as does pointing the antennae instantly upwards. Using the Helmholtz equation, a researcher at Imperial College London, found that it’s best to limit the number of walls and corners the signal has to traverse. Placing it in the centre of the house is the premier way to avoid black spots.

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2. Keep it away from electronic devices:

A lot of people keep their routers near the television or telephone, but this inhibits the signal. It is pleasant to set your router aside from different digital devices, consisting of fairy lighting, speakers, TVs, monitors and AC strength cords.

10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed



3. Set it apart from wireless signals:

Bluetooth speakers baby monitors can hamper your wireless signal. If it’s not possible to keep your router clean of interference from other devices, buy a double band router.


4. Put your router in a beer can:

Use an empty beer can as a DIY parabolic antenna – a reflective case with a purpose to take away signal from different devices, even as boosting the signal from your router. Cut the top and bottom of the beer can and then cut it down the centre so it turns into a sheet of metal. Wrap this around the back of your router’s antenna so it forms a dome, leaving the front unexposed – voila. Empty Pringle’s bins also make for easy DIY Wi-Fi amplifiers.


5. Use a password:

Protecting your home broadband network with a password can assist speed it up, in addition to offering vital security. Keep an eye on what devices are using your network at any given time – more devices will result in slower speeds.

10 Simple Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed

6. Set your router to reboot regularly:

Rebooting your router is a fail-safe manner to speed it up. In preference to doing it manually each time your Wi-Fi is sluggish, set up an automatic timetable in order that it restarts once a day or week.

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7. Switch channels:

Switching your Wi-Fi to a channel that your neighbours are not on can significantly increase it.



8. Get a signal booster:

High-gain antennas send stronger signals than those that come with the router. This could enhance your Wi-Fi range and strength.


9. Get another router:

Having the second router positioned strategically in your home can assist maximize Wi-Fi signal.


10. Look for new technology:

The Eero wireless boxes can increase Wi-Fi speeds tenfold. Its three boxes work collectively to distribute Wi-Fi all through a home without any extra wiring.


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