Facebook Introduces parent-controlled messenger app for kids

Facebook Introduces parent-controlled messenger app for kids

Facebook has give you a solution. It’s known as Messenger Kids and sure, it’s basically a kids friendly messenger app with parental controlled.

In fact, your child doesn’t want a facebook account at all so that it will use messenger kids. This is because it uses the parent’s Facebook account to install the child’s messenger kids account. This doesn’t create a Facebook account for the kid.

This app is likewise advert-free. The parents are the only who can add contacts for their childrens. And parents can remove messenger kids contacts at any time from their own account, and the kid cannot reinstate an account which have been eliminated.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Messenger kids has report and block controls inside the app itself, so youngsters can report and block people if they want anyone.

The company actually has a dedicated team at Facebook who looks at all the reports, and will proactively ban any account that is seen as harmful, said Loren Cheng, a product manager at Facebook who led the Messenger Kids project.



The design of the app itself be very visually orientated. The home screen has big thumbnail shortcuts to common contacts like friens and family, with a heavy emphasis on real-time video chat.

Facebook Messenger Kids

Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of safety, said “”What we learned is that parents want more control over who their kids have contacts with. They want the content to be appropriate, and they want to have better control over time spent on these technologies.”

“Messenger Kids was designed to bring families together for conversations, as kids learn how to navigate the digital world,” said Cheng.

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Messenger Kid is to be had for preview inside the USA beginning these days. It is iOS-only at launch, however will roll out to Android users later this month.

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