Samsung Envisions Phone Could Read Your Palms

by Intellectual Insider

Samsung Envisions Phone Could Read Your Palms

Nowadays all smartphone biometrics is about scanning your eyes, face, and fingerprints. But Samsung is envisioning a new way to confirm your identity. Samsung Envisions Phone Could Read Your Palms which help you to remember your password.


A patent which is currently published indicates that Samsung has been exploring a system that would scan the unique lines on your palm and use them to display hints of the password in the form of incomplete characters.


Samsung Envisions Phone Could Read Your Palms



It makes use the form of augmented reality to pick out the characteristics of your hand and place virtual elements strategically over them.


Samsung might possibly want to implement depth sensing or a similar technology to stop evildoers from cheating with photos.


There’s no certainty that you’ll ever see this in the Galaxy S9 or any other Samsung smartphone. It is only a patent submitting, and that might not always translate to a finished product.

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