What Will Happen If you watch Solar Eclipse for 6 Seconds

What Will Happen If you watch Solar Eclipse for 6 Seconds

NASA, again and again, letting everyone know how vital those glasses were for eye safety if you want to see the solar eclipse. A newspaper published these days in JAMA Ophthalmology indicates that just six seconds of unprotected viewing can cause permanent damage.

The paper focuses on a woman in her 20s who looked directly at the sun without eye safety for around six seconds during the eclipse. She said her vision became blurry and distorted only a few hours later and that she started out seeing a black spot while looking out of her left eye.

solar eclipse

Three days after the eclipse, she went to an ophthalmologist in NewYork and subsequent eye tests confirmed she had completely damaged photoreceptors in each eye and a lesion in her left.


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“It remains to be seen whether the patient can recover any visual function from this region of disturbed photoreceptors in the future,” the authors note in the case study.

There’s no remedy for this type of damage, however, getting a good look at what precisely is affected in the eye after watching the sun ought to help ophthalmologists better understand this condition.

The America will see another total solar eclipse in 2024, so let this serve as a warning. The sun is no comic story and also you need eye safety if you’re going to see it.

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