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Top 10 Powerful Countries That Are Almost Impossible to Invade

powerful countries impossible to invade

War is never pleasant for anybody, thrilling or a source of glory (it shouldn’t be, at least). Only someone who did not experience it directly would think that. Over the years, many have said it: “War is hell,” primary and pure.

Since this assertion is true, many countries in the globe are prepared to take a military invasion without being aware of it. Although today’s conquering wars are rare, they do not indicate that there are no armed confrontations. There are ten countries here that are ready for such an assault indeed.

These ratings are based not only on the firepower or active people of each country but also on other factors shown in the entire defense of their advantage. Here’s our list of 10 Powerful Countries That Are Almost Impossible to Invade:

10. Iran


There is a reason that Iran is known as “Fortress Iran.” The topography of Iran is mainly mountainous, as is Afghanistan, and everyone knows that after years of invasion, Afghanistan has not yet been conquered by NATO.

Iran has a workforce of more than half a million troops; 1658 tanks and 137 planes can destroy it in a pitched fashion. Moreover, Iran has an underground missile base network that the government claims to have throughout each town and province every 500 meters.

Thus, the invading armies must one by one remove each isolated base, making it a bloody and unending task. Many countries also fear that Iran has lately started testing nuclear weapon rockets. As long as nobody likes to be poisoned by big nuclear bombs, try!

Although Iran has strong opponents like the United States, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, it has not been attacked by Iran since WWII.


9. Bhutan


Bhutan is a remote country, with 6,000 soldiers, no artillery, and no air force hidden in the Himalayas! Bhutan’s history as never invaded was a reason why it joined this list.

It was never entirely captured but was assaulted by the British in the 1700s. The assault is brutal today due to the terrain; the height is 300 m above water level, and the tanks are not even lucky.

Furthermore, a good ally, India, has chosen to defend this small state. India also supports Bhutan’s small ArmyArmy with weapons, provision, and military training; thus, no concerns exist.

These features and the absence of incentives to attack Bhutan make the nation safe and secure.


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8. Australia


Australia is a floating desert, with the nearest military capable of seizing them at a distance of 11,000 km. Yeah, that’s Japan.

Throughout the Second World War, Japan tried to attack Australia but abandoned its goal. Because they realized that 95% of their issues persist, even if they reach Australia.

They should conquer the outback to invade Australia, representing 70 percent of Australia’s area, without mentioning the desert spanning over thousands of kilometers, which provides the Australian ArmyArmy with a view to guerrilla attacks. Bad idea to make an unwelcome entry.

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7. Russia


If Napoleon or Hitler were living, it would be amusing to ask them how generally an invasion of Russia works! They had such formidable historical forces that they rolled into Russia, but they only scooped back after a while.

Russia is the world’s biggest state. And its topography and, of course, its harsh climate are the key to its safety. Either mountains or snow is covered with much of Russia’s terrain thicker than polar bears. The Russian ArmyArmy willfully supported the demise of the Nazis in the Second World War.

It worked pretty effectively, and the Nazi invasion caused Hitler’s collapse.  Russia now has 845,000 troops at the disposal of the fifth-largest active military personnel.

Russia can also use its 3,500 military planes and 350 vessels in time of necessity. They also have about 7 000 nuclear rockets; therefore, even if anyone survives its ordinary winter, the atomic winter will probably not stay.


6. North Korea

North Korea

His huge ArmyArmy is one thing Kim Jong Un can praise! It’s a military system that offers them more than any other NATO member other than the USA. North Korea has over a million active troops, 4200 tanks and 222, attack helicopters, They are also supposed to possess nuclear weapons that reach the west coast of the United States, Japan, and South Korea.

China and Russia are suspected of an invasion as the tension has been growing recently due to North Korea’s nuclear tests and America’s movements of its soldiers.

If so, combined troops would have to make a possible invasion of North Korea between the USA, South Korea, and Japan. Hundreds of thousands of people dying with such a massive army as North Korea won’t matter in the near run anyhow.

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5. Israel


Israel is like a country that many bordering governments don’t like; therefore, instead of being a crybaby, it chose to be strong! In its 69-year existence, Israel has been in 8 wars and hasn’t lost one.

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It has a tiny armed force of 176,0000 soldiers. For the ArmyArmy, women for 24 months and men for 36 months, it is essential for their populations to train and serve.

So, another 1 1/2 million people are prepared for war, and the state may call them in hours of necessity. In addition, Israel built one of the world’s most substantial rocket protection: The Iron Dome.

The enemy’s missiles are shot out of the sky with their missiles; this is the insane defensive system. It sounds crazy, yet 90 percent of the hostile missiles were successfully dropped before reaching their goals.


4. Canada


When it comes to combat, Canadians aren’t kind and courteous. They also know how to play tough, try and watch them, for example, play ice hockey!

Canada has a well-trained force of 95,000 military personnel, which would be an achievement to take them. Canada does not need even to unleash its military, as does Russia.

You only have to expect to do your work in this challenging and chilly environment. In addition, most Canadians reside near the land border of the world’s greatest military and ally, the USA.

To go to Canada, you have to opt for a crash in the South of the US military or a landing in half freshwater to go to the city via 6 meters of snow and -50 degrees Celsius.

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3. Switzerland


Most people ask whether Switzerland has an army, perhaps because it is seldom ever active. Since 1815, the country has been confidently neutral.

The Swiss ArmyArmy can also compete with its 150,000 soldiers and 156 aircraft even if the inversion interrupts their busy watchmaking routines.

It sounds like a modest quantity, yet the adversary will maneuver up and down the mountain! Swiss troops must always keep their weapons in their residences and cannot be taken off guard.

With an army they have scarcely employed, they encircle nations like France, Italy, Austria, and Germany. Any country that wants to conquer Switzerland must first battle in these nations.


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2. Japan



Japan has something hardcore that is the oldest civilization on the planet and a country that has never been conquered. Even the Mongols, who were known for winning over Japan, could not overpower!

America needed a few nuclear weapons to beat Japan, but it had never been attacked. Japan’s military has spent roughly $60 billion since 2016, providing up to quarter-million personnel and around 600 tanks.

Japan’s air force is the sixth biggest, with 1,590 aircraft and the most technologically sophisticated one. Japan’s primary weaknesses are its aging population and an amazingly inadequate cyber defense.

Yet, an invasion of the Japanese Army outside any country would require except possibly the number one on the list!


1. USA


Each year, more than the following seven nations combined, America spends 576 billion dollars on its military.

President Trump’s $54 billion in defense spending equals 80% of Russia’s entire budget. The USA is on Number one in powerful countries impossible to invade.

What’s most important is that America possesses enough nuclear material to kill everybody on the planet twice.



Some other countries also include Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and the UK. All empires have historically fallen or fallen into another kingdom and subsequently gone down. While the word “empire” is no longer used to designate nation-states, these countries can nevertheless project influence beyond their boundaries.

They project power internationally or regionally (like the US) (like Iran). However, there will be no reason in certain countries to roll over when it comes to protecting their domestic territory.


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