Top 10 Strange Facts about the Bermuda Triangle

Top 10 Strange Facts about the Bermuda Triangle

The North Atlantic Ocean sector of the Triangle of Bermuda off North America is reported to have inexplicably missed more than 50 ships and 20 airplanes.

The territory, with limits not commonly accepted, has a loosely triangle-shaped form characterized by the Florida panhandle (USA), Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles on the Atlantic coast. The location has unknown reports of unknown events dating from the mid-19th century.

Some spacecraft have been found entirely discarded, for no obvious cause; others have not communicated any signals of distress and never seen or heard again. Aircraft were reported and then disappeared. Rescue operations are believed to have disappeared during flights in the vicinity.

The wreckage was not discovered, however, and several suggestions have been suggested that explain the recurrent riddles. Although supernatural ideas about these disappearances exist, most likely are geophysical and environmental forces involved.

One assumption is that pilots have failed in their approach to the Bermuda Triangle, leading to a major navigational mistake and disaster, since the agonic line, at which there is a requirement for magnetic variation, was not compensated for.

Another prevalent notion is that the missing boats have been slashed by “gorge waves” that are gigantic, up to 30.5 meters high waves that supposedly are strong enough to erase any sign of an aircraft or ship. In the Atlas area, where storm converges in several directions, the Bermuda Triangle makes it more probable that hateful waves may erupt.

“There is no indication that strange disappearances happen with a greater regularity in Bermuda than in other big, well-traveled areas in the sea,” says the Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and boaters and flyers continue to navigate the triangle without events.

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Let’s Discuss some Facts About this Bermuda Triangle which you may not know about.

Strange Facts about the Bermuda Triangle
Source: New York Post

Fact No. 10

Bermuda Triangle is one of the rare places on earth where the compass doesn’t point towards Magnetic North. It points towards the true north which creates confusion. That’s why so many ships and planes lost their course in the triangle.


Fact No. 9

The first person to report about Bermuda Triangle was Christopher Columbus. The ship’s compass stopped working and he also saw a fireball in the sky, he wrote in his journals that inside the triangle.


Fact No. 8

One of the famous and biggest losses of the US Military occurred in 1945. Five US Navy Avenger torpedo bombers flew from Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a sortie to the island of Bimini. The mission had 14 men. The radio operators received a signal that the compass was not working after about 90 minutes. The communication was lost after that. The bombers were never found. The three planes that went for their rescue also disappeared.


Fact No. 7

The electromagnetic fog that potentially is a time travel tunnel has been experienced by people in the Bermuda triangle too. The pilot Bruce Gernon alleges that following a time-warping cloud tunnel he lost 28 minutes. The radars narrowly missed the aircraft at Miami Beach for reappearance.


Fact No. 6

AUTEC is owned by the United States government in the Bermuda Triangle on the Andrus Island of Bahamas for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center. The United States Navy is deploying its submarines, weaponry, and sonar. But many believe that it is not only the testing center.

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Fact No. 5

In the past 100 years, at least 1000 lives have been lost. Every year on average, four planes and 20 boats are lost.


Fact No. 4

If any ship or plane in the Triangle vanishes, its wreckage has not recovered A stream is apparently going near the triangle, washing the rubble away.


Fact No. 3

Disappearances are attributed to UFO and extraterrestrial activities, the loss of Atlantis by a triangle, and many explanations for nature, location, and technicality.


Fact No. 2

The Bermuda triangle is certainly not permanent and its influence outside the triangle might be experienced as well.


Fact no.1

The Triangle of Bermuda is not that huge. It includes a big 440,000 meters marine area. It is fairly vast. It’s big than the Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan combined areas.


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