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Who is Dan Lok?

Dan Lok is a millionaire entrepreneur and one of the world’s leading experts in Internet marketing. He is often known as “King of high ticket sales”. Today we’ll discuss Dan Lok Net worth, Inspiring Success Story, Age, Wiki, Bio, and Family.

He is a Chinese/Canadian businessman and also a famous global educator, known for being the founder and also the chairman of Closers.com which connects companies. Moreover, Mr. Lok has also led several global movements to redefine the importance of modern education where Mr. Lok has taught men and women from 130+ countries to develop more and more income skills, unlock financial confidence.

Moreover, Mr. Lok was also a speaker. He was an international best selling author of over a dozen books. Here’s Dan Lok’s official Website.


The Net Worth of Dan Lok:

Dan Lok Net Worth

Dan Lok’s Net worth: $81 Million

The Reason Behind his Fame and Dan Lok Net worth: Being a successful entrepreneur and sharing his knowledge in books and on social media platforms.


  • Dan Lok’s Inspiring Story and Struggles:

Dan Lok's Success Story

When he was fourteen years old, He and his family made a difficult transfer from his hometown in Hong Kong to Canada with his mother and father.

From his first day of school in Canada, fourteen-year-old Dan Lok knew that his transition was not going to be easy. Lok was targetted for bullying throughout the whole years because Lok was one of only three Chinese children in the whole school.

After moving to Canada, Lok’s mother and father got divorced. Signing up to karate helped the depressed Loki to develop that phase of confidence that he was lacking.

And he just did that. Dan Lok after experiencing a number of odd jobs, from newspaper deliveries to mowing lawns, Lok then decided to start his very own “one-man advertising agency”. With his first taste of success, He made ten thousand dollars a month.

Several years, Now Lok had the opportunity to be developed into a matured state, so, then he decided to reconnect with his very own father who was currently living in Hong Kong. It went a long conversation about what was happened in the past, Lok was well known that his dad was suffering financially.

After arriving in Hong Kong, Lok took a walk with his father and had a face to face conversation. His relationship with his father was now better than before. Everything was good until an unexpected change in the health of his father occurred. Which changed everything?

Lok’s father didn’t give him any update of his condition After going in for a regular checkup. He received a phone call from his Aunt the next day, and his aunt told him that his dad was in the emergency room being prepared for surgery.

At that time, Dan Lok was gone for the biggest business opportunity chase of his whole life, which would give a huge worth to him in the future. He was there to close the deal. He wanted to speak with his father before returning from Hong Kong so he did a short video conference with his father.

Dan hasn’t got a chance to say goodbye to his father. This was the totally unfortunate event, due to which an entirely new perspective for Dan and his life has been opened.

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  • Dan Lok’s Success Journey:


Source: Closers in Black

From a poor immigrant who was bullied in school to a multi Millionaire entrepreneur, mentor and so more, who is supporting his family and is in touch with people in more than one hundred countries all around the world, Dan Lok has transformed his life through his hard work, patience, and willingness to grow.

He went from a poor immigrant who spoke no English at the age of 14, to a millionaire at the age of 30, also inspiring the lives of millions with his valuable teachings.

Dan Lok attended Douglas College in British Columbia, Canada.

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How old he is, When and Where was he born? (Wiki, Information, Bio):


  • Age: 37
  • Date of Birth: November 24, 1981
  • Country of origin: Hong Kong
  • His Sources of Income: Runs different companies, works as a consultant, he has published 15 books, popular and expensive speaker, have a YouTube channel and sell courses.
  • Eyes Retina Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Nationality: Chinese


More Information About Him:


Dan is a martial art master and a big fan of Bruce Lee’s movies. He practiced boxing, kickboxing, Wing Chun and JeetKune Do.

  • YouTube SENSATION:

This is one of his most popular videos.

Dan Lok’s videos have over 77 million views on YouTube!

  • Pets:

He still doesn’t post any photos of his pets.

  • Plastic surgeries:

Dan Lok hasn’t undergone any plastic surgeries.

  • His Siblings:

Dan Lok doesn’t have any brothers or sisters.

  • Tattoos:

Dan Lok doesn’t have any tattoos.

  • Dan Lok’s Family:

Dan Lok’s parents divorced when he was only 16 years old. After that, there were times when Dan was living in a one-bedroom apartment with his mom since they had no money.

Dan’s dad later passed away and Dan didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to him since he was in another town chasing a huge business opportunity.


  • Dan Lok’s Wife:

He is married to Jennie Lok.


Many People Trying to find his Contact:

Lots of people search for Dan Lok’s phone number on Google each month, but he never posted it on the Internet. However, you can call him using Clarity.FM but that will cost you $166.67/min or $10,000 for 60 minutes of consulting.


His Famous Sayings:

  • “Sometimes, you break down before you breakthrough”.
  • “Geniuses are made, not born”.
  • “Money can’t buy you anything. Neither can Poverty”.
  • “Most people don’t do whatever it takes to quit their Job”.
  • “Wealth is committing to one idea overtime”.
  • “If you are focused on delivering values, Money comes”.
  • “Failure is a resource; it helps you to find the edge of your capacities”.

10 Rules of Dan Lok and Summary:

10 Rules of Success

Source: Inspirational Quotes 247

Mr. Lok continues to be hundreds of social media channels every year and he is also being broadly seen on many social media sites yearly.

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